Modular Infeed System places labels with accuracy to .005 in.

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Modular Infeed System can be added at infeed of existing folder gluers to feed, transport, and position carton blanks. It offers exact placement with infinitely variable pitch. Elimination of top carrier belts creates open design to scan entire blanks for bar codes, windows, or print defects. System includes computer sequenced carton feed (independent of belt speed), live side guide, and cammed feather-touch feed system.

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Modular Infeed System

CHARLOTTE, NC (July, 2002) -- Roberts PolyPro Inc, an innovative leader in packaging and converting solutions, offers a new Modular Infeed System that can be added at the infeed of any existing folder gluer to dramatically improve finishing efficiency. It utilizes innovative technologies to feed, transport, and position carton blanks with extraordinary precision and speed into a folder gluer.

"Our Modular Infeed System is a lot more than a timed feeder; it is a breakthrough for the industry," says Craig Jasper, Director of Converting and Packaging Solutions at Roberts PolyPro. "It offers high performance feed and exact placement with infinite variable pitch. Also, the elimination of top carrier belts creates an open design to easily scan entire blanks for bar code, window or print defect with nothing in the way."

Optional attachments can be used to apply labels, coupons, windows, tear tapes, peel strips, liners, and other value-added components with no reduction in line speed or increase in labor costs.

Features on the Roberts PolyPro Modular Infeed System include: Computer sequenced carton feed that is independent from belt speed; Live side guide that insures perfect carton alignment; Cammed "feather-touch" feed system that gently feeds blanks accurately and without scuffing; Low pressure vacuum that keeps blanks flat and in position as they are fed into the folder gluer, eliminating overhead belts and conventional nips and accelerator rollers; Lead edge, positioning lugs that provide label or coupon placement accuracy up to .005"; Elimination of top carrier belts that allows optimum quality defect scan of windows, bar codes, print; Open design and few moving parts that allow easy, quick adjustments and reduced maintenance costs.

"Each of our machines is designed and engineered for increased converting line speed and performance. Our Modular Infeed System is another example of our goal to improve our clients' finishing line productivity," says Allan Sutherland, President of Roberts PolyPro. Roberts PolyPro produces a comprehensive line of packaging and converting fixtures, fitments and components as well as a modular line of packaging and converting machinery. For more information about Roberts PolyPro, call (704) 588-1794, FAX (704) 588-1821, or visit

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