Modular Gas Detector uses plug-in sensors.

Press Release Summary:

Intrinsically safe gas detector uses precision-tuned modules to detect 50+ toxic and explosive gases. Unit has stainless-steel, corrosion-resistant housing and is offered with optional internal heating element for use in subzero temperatures. Self-monitoring product warns of any internal problems. Detector measures 3.5 in. long x 2 in. in diameter. Its 4-20 mA output drives relays, meters, displays, computers, plotters, and alarms.

Original Press Release:

Low-Cost Gas Detector Uses Plug-In Sensors

A new intrinsically safe gas detector that uses plug-in modular sensors to spot dangerous concentrations of more than 50 toxic or explosive gases - from arsine to xylene - has been announced by Sensor Electronics of Minneapolis.

This new detector is especially useful in manufacturing facilities, laboratories, paint lockers, pumping stations, storage closets - or wherever a gas could pose flammability or poisoning problems.

Plug-in modules make recalibration a breeze. Because each module is precision-tuned to "see" a specific gas, recalibration is simply pulling one module and replacing it with a new one, obviating need for cumbersome calibration cylinders.

Module changeover takes less than 10 seconds, and does not require area evacuation or declassification even in hazardous locations, since the detector is inherently intrinsically safe.

Moreover, this modular gas detector combines low initial cost - far less than a conventional gas detector - with virtually nil on-going maintenance (and maintenance charges).

The stainless-steel housing shrugs off corrosion; an optional internal heating element shrugs off subzero temperatures (important for remote arctic pipelines and pumping stations).

Along with keeping a beady eye open for toxic or explosive gases, this new detector keeps a beady eye on itself, immediately warning of any internal problems and even spelling out what's wrong where.

Over-all dimensions (with sensor module): 3.5 inches long, 2 inches diameter. Output is 4/20 milliamperes, to drive relays, meters, displays, computers, plotters, alarms.

Additional information about this new modular detector that can see any of more than 50 toxic and explosive gases is; available from Sensor Electronics, 5500 Lincoln Drive, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55436.

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