Modular Controller supports ramp/soak control.

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Modular Controller Series PID modules provide multi-zone PID control, data acquisition, and I/O for PC, DCS, or PLC control systems, while integrating data logging and advanced alarm management. With Crimson® 2.0 software, users can integrate multi-segment temperature profiling for complex processes. Unit has ramp/soak functionality that consists of profile or succession of setpoint ramp and soak periods, built-in protocol conversion facility, and multiple-protocol Ethernet port.

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Red Lion Multi-Zone PID Controller and Data Acquisition Solution Now Supports Ramp/Soak Control

YORK, PA - July 31, 2008 - Red Lion Controls, Inc. announces that its Modular Controller series PID modules now support ramp/soak control. The Modular Controller provides multi-zone PID control, data acquisition and I/O for PC, DCS or PLC control systems, while integrating data logging and advanced alarm management. Now, with the latest update to Red Lion's simple-to-use Crimson® 2.0 programming software, users can integrate multi-segment temperature profiling for complex processes in the autoclave, heat-treating, food and chemical industries.

The ramp/soak functionality consists of a profile, or succession of setpoint ramp and soak periods. The profile can support up to 30 segments, with each segment defined by a setpoint and a time, allowing users to set a temperature range and period of time in which the range will be maintained. The Modular Controller's dedicated single and dual PID modules each manage ramp/soak control individually, maintaining independence for each loop and allowing hot-swappable replacement for reduced downtime. Plus, advanced modes are available for critical control requirements, such as guaranteed soak times and ramp rates.

"The Modular Controller delivers advanced PID control as well as an integrated IT-ready data logger and alarm management system for timely notification of critical system data or alerts in unmanned applications," said Jesse Benefiel, Red Lion product manager. "With the addition of ramp/soak setpoint control, the system can be used for advanced control in any temperature sensitive application." Benefiel adds, "Plus, simple drag-and-drop data mapping allows the profile recipe to be controlled via any external device or directly by the Modular Controller master for even greater programming flexibility."

The Modular Controller features an advanced, built-in protocol conversion facility and multiple-protocol Ethernet port that allows even the most complex PID, data-acquisition or I/O systems to be configured-simply and in just minutes. Plus, the Modular Controller utilizes Red Lion's free Crimson 2.0 software for communication configuration and calibration of new systems.

Red Lion Controls, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial control solutions worldwide. Products include digital/analog control, monitoring and panel meters, PID control, human-machine interface panels, and signal conditioning. For more information, or to find the Red Lion distributor nearest you, go to or contact: Red Lion Controls, Inc., 20 Willow Springs Circle, York, PA 17406; (717) 767-6511.

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