Modular Control System offers sample cycle time of 250 ms.

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With 0.2% accuracy, DIN rail mount SRZ Control System provides selectable position proportional control, cascade control, as well as heat only and heat/cool control. True universal input includes 10 thermocouple types, RTD, voltage, or current. Single module may provide up to 4 channels of heat only or 2 heat/cool to which up to 16 modules may be connected. Alarm choices include loop break, heater break, and interlock. Communications are provided via serial Modbus RTU.

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RKC Instrument Releases the SRZ High Density Modular Control System

SOUTH BEND, IN - RKC Instrument announces the new SRZ DIN rail mounted high-density modular system with a sample cycle time of 250ms providing an accuracy 0.2%. Control method is selectable between position proportional control and cascade control in addition to the typical heat only and heat/cool methods. The Brilliant PID II algorithm with enhanced tuning achieves a quick rise/drop to setpoint and with greater protection from overshoot/undershoot cause by external disturbances.

True universal input includes 10 thermocouples types, RTD, voltage or current.
A single module may provide up to four channels of Heat only or two Heat/cool of which up to 16 modules may be connected. Four assignable CT inputs are provided for HBA including three phase. Numerous alarms choices include loop break alarm, heater break alarm and alarm interlock. CT modules and DIO modules may be used to provide expanded options. Additional functions include auto-tuning and start-up tuning, eight memory areas which can be used for ramp/soak applications, peak current limit, output distribution function, feed forward, differential setpoint and an auto temperature rise learning function so all channels reach setpoint at the same time, eliminating partial burns or thermal swelling.

The SRZ is designed for mounting on the inside of an instrument panel to save space and to replace banks of discrete temperature controllers. Addition or removal of individual modules can be easily done without cycling power to the unit. It is an excellent solution for adding multi-zone PID temperature control to new equipment or retrofit existing control panels. This controller may also be connected to a PC, touch screen or PLC and linked together to operate as one system. It may also be connected to a third party machine interface already in operation on the machine. A loader port with free software facilitates downloading configuration parameters to shorten initial installation and replacement time. It can also be used to monitor module status and log data.

Communications are provided via the ever-popular serial Modbus RTU. All modules share a common communication bus to the host PC. Modules share a second high speed bus that allows for intercontroller communications. Intercontroller communication is used for grouping features like; run/stop, setpoint change, temperature rise/drop uniformity, auto temperature rise and learning function. Additionally, a Com module can connect up to 16 stacks of modules to a host PC giving the use access to as many as 1024 zones of control.

The flexibility of the SRZ series makes it an ideal instrument for both end-users and the OEM market in a wide range of industries including extrusion, semiconductor, test stands, environmental chambers, plastics, packaging, and heat-related processes.

For further information please contact RKC Instruments, 4245 Meghan Beeler Court, Suite 2, South Bend, IN 46628. Phone: 574-273-6099, FAX: 574-247-9657, email:, or

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