Modular Control System is available with TFT display.

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Regulus(TM) is offered with thin film transistor (TFT) display screen option that provides optimal real-time control. Color, graphical, touch screen interface is equipped with Ethernet connection for transfer of data to PC or network printer and can be viewed indirectly with full clarity.

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FS-Elliott Offers Graphic Interface for Regulus(TM) Control System

TFT Flat-Screen Technology Provides Improved Control and Ease-of-Use

Jeannette, PA (April 7, 2005) - FS-Elliott introduces a new thin film transistor (TFT) display screen option for the Regulus(TM) Modular Control System. This extraordinary technology allows for lighter, smaller, faster and more energy efficient active matrix displays. The TFT, a type of LCD flat-panel display screen, provides the highest resolution available with flat panel technology. This crystal-clear resolution enhances visibility of the advanced color graphical touch screen, allowing plant services a higher degree of control and improved ease-of-use.

"The TFT flat-screen technology is cutting edge technology that demonstrates FS-Elliott's commitment to supplying the industry with efficient, reliable, and easy to use engineered air systems," says Ed Klimek, FS-Elliott Senior Controls Engineer. "The improved clarity, color and viewing angle of the screen's graphics makes the system easier to read and operate, enhancing the performance of the overall control system."

FS-Elliott was formed when Fu Sheng Industrial Company acquired the centrifugal air compressor division of Elliott Turbomachinery Company. FS-Elliott focuses exclusively on the design, manufacture, maintenance and servicing of air compressors. Their optimized Engineered Air solutions are utilized for applications ranging from automotive manufacturing, food & beverage processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing to the API 672 applications in oil refining, petrochemicals, and oil and gas production and processing.

A Higher Degree of Control

The TFT screen is the most advanced technology available for active-matrix displays, such as those utilized with the Regulus(TM) control system. The TFT screen offers enhanced response times and refresh rates, providing optimal real-time control. Control panels using this technology are also lighter, smaller and consume less power than the commonly used LCD displays.

In addition, the TFT screen comes equipped with an Ethernet connection. This allows for the transfer of data to a more advanced PC, as well as connection to a network printer, providing improved monitoring and trending capabilities.


Standard LCD screens only provide straight-on viewing. The TFT display increases the viewing angle, allowing the color graphical touch screen to be viewed without having to look directly at it, increasing ease-of-use. In addition, TFT technology provides truer color, improving the control system's color graphics.

Panel Upgrades

The standard Regulus(TM) Control System control panel can be easily upgraded to include the TFT screen option. Customer service representatives based at the expanded service parts facility in Export, PA, can arrange for a trained technician to swap out the standard LCD screen with an advanced TFT screen.

FS-Elliott is a dedicated air compressor company, providing Engineered Air to various industries ranging from automotive manufacturing, food & beverage processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing to the API 672 applications in refining, petrochemicals, and oil and gas production. With total market focus, FS-Elliott provides their customers with a complete Engineered Air package that includes unparalleled reliability, leading technology, decades of industry experience and unsurpassed customer service.

FS-Elliott's headquarters, engineering center and manufacturing operations are based in Jeannette, PA, U.S.A. FS-Elliott also has a packaging facility in Shanghai, China.

For more information contact Addison Kelley, Vice President Global Customer Support, FS-Elliott, tel: (626) 855-7515, e-mail, or visit

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