Modular Boring System offers 8 roughing boring head sizes.

Press Release Summary:

Multifunction II Graflex® modular boring system incorporates 1 series of boring heads to handle size ranges of .700 to 8 in. Features include 1 dial adjustment to simultaneously set both blades, identical insert holders, master setting block, and raised insert holder, which can be adjusted independently or simultaneously. When set for simultaneous adjustment, blades can be adjusted using graduated dials with 0.002 in. resolution on radius.

Original Press Release:

Carboloy Introduces New Multifunction II: Redesigned Graflex(R) Modular Boring System

Warren, Mich., November 28, 2001 -- Carboloy Inc. has announced its new and improved Graflex® modular boring system -- the Multifunction II -- with one series of boring heads designed to handle a size range of .700 in. to 8 in. The Multifunction II combines the features of the two previous EPB rough boring designs into one new A750 universal style replacing the A700 multifunction type and A770 independent setting type.

The new Multifunction II offers the following improvements:

* Higher productivity due to increased rigidity

* One dial adjustment to simultaneously set both blades

* Identical insert holders for symmetrical use

* A master setting block for simultaneous setting

* A raised insert holder for stagger boring consistency and
setup time reduction

Depending upon the user's needs, the insert holders can be adjusted independently or simultaneously. When set for simultaneous adjustment, the blades can be adjusted from either side of the boring head using graduated dials with a resolution of .002 in. on radius.

Graflex toolholders offer high precision and rigidity in all configurations. The modular system combines a wide array of standard toolholders and cutting tool units, along with a simple self-locking connection to meet requirements for specialized boring operations. A central screw and a stator nut are assembled to hold both the insert holders in place and to lock them down firmly against the boring head body. The ledge under the insert provides additional support during heavy cutting as it comes in contact with the upper ground surface of the boring head. Graflex system components are quickly and easily assembled for fast setups, and all cutting tool units use standard Seco-Carboloy inserts.

The new A750 series offers roughing boring heads in eight sizes and accompanying insert holders to accommodate either 80° or 90° inserts. In addition, the tools needed to adjust and lock the insert holders are available in eight sizes to complement the boring heads.

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