Modem Card enables cellular connectvity for HMIs.

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Suited for remote and mobile applications, Model G3GSM allows G3 operator interface products to communication with operators via cellular technology. Built-in web server enables viewing of same screens that are displayed on G3 or viewing of data only or logged files. Modem card will auto-dial to send out alarm or event information via text messages to cell phone or email address. Using SIM card, G3GSM allows customers to choose their own cellular provider.

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Red Lion Embedded Modem Card Enables Cellular Connectvity for Remote G3 Series Operator Interface Applications

YORK, PA-April 09, 2009- Red Lion Controls, Inc. announces the G3GSM - GSM Cellular Modem card for their G3 line of HMIs. The G3GSM allows the G3 operator interface products to communicate with operators via cellular technology, providing unprecedented connectivity for remote and mobile applications. The expansion card is easily configured with Red Lion's free Crimson® software, and uses a SIM card- allowing customers to choose their own cellular provider.

Upon establishing a cellular connection to a G3 with G3GSM installed, users can take advantage of the G3 series unprecedented remote capabilities:

o A built-in web server allows viewing of the same screens that are displayed on the G3 or viewing of data only or logged files

o Ability to upload/download G3 databases without being onsite

o The G3 will auto-dial to send out alarm or event information via text message to a cell phone or email address, or to send scheduled backup of logged data to an FTP site or email address

o A powerful port-sharing feature allows many PLCs and other attached devices to be remotely reprogrammed through the G3, eliminating the need to be onsite

"While wireless connectivity is not new to the G3 series, the wireless connection was previously only possible through external third-party modems," said Jesse Benefiel, Red Lion Product Manager. "Now with the easily configured G3GSM modem card embedded within the G3 Series HMI, users can experience a reliable, flexible solution." Benefiel adds, "Red Lion's G3GSM allows for the ultimate functionality in remote system management."

With the G3GSM and required SIM card, users can choose the cellular provider and plan that best meets their level of desired connectivity-either on-demand or permanent. The on-demand connection is established only when the G3 needs to perform a function of sending or receiving data and is usually less expensive than the permanent connection which is continually established and requires a fixed URL and/or an IP address.

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