Model VMF-28/CP Feeder features an integrated scale for accurate feeding.

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Model VMF-28/CP Feeder features a carbon package that designed to accept 50 lb carbon bags and is available with 0.75 to 3.25 in. diameter solid stainless steel augers. Unit’s hopper door comes with scratch resistant plexiglass window with static control. Product is suitable for dispensing lime and soda ash for pH control and features an optional dust collector that automatically switches on when auger switches off and a stainless steel construction.

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Volumetric Feeder Simplifies Adding Activated Carbon in Water Treatment Systems, Promotes Employee Safety

Scaletron Industries has introduced a new volumetric feeder. The new VMF-28 Feeder with Carbon Package (Model VMF-28/CP) is a precision “Loss in Weight” measurement system designed specifically to provide accuracy in adding activated carbon in water treatment operations. The new unit features an integrated scale for accurate feeding plus a bag loading box that simplifies the addition of carbon to the system, and also enhances employee safety by containing carbon dust.

Designed to accept 50 pound carbon bags, a bag loading box is positioned above VMF-28/CP hopper. To add activated carbon, or other materials, the attendant simply places the bag in the loading box and closes the door. In the door is a scratch resistant plexiglass window with static control and below the window are through-door glove ports. With the door closed, using the gloves, the attendant opens the bag using the built-in bag break in the loading box. This releases the carbon material into the system and all dust is contained inside the machine to promote employee safety and workplace cleanliness.

“The activated carbon is used to control algae blooms, industrial waste and oil,” said Ed Dougherty, Scaletron president. “Normally, when the bag is opened, carbon dust blows everywhere. Treatment rooms become covered in carbon dust which is a real health concern.” Dougherty went on to say that customer requests for more efficient, safer ways to add carbon inspired the innovative Scaletron VMF-28/CP Feeder’s bag loading design. “The VMF’s bag loading box is unique to the industry,” said Dougherty, “The attendant places an unopened bag in the loader and closes the door – from that point on the door stays closed containing the carbon dust to protect employees.”

The VMF-28/CP bag loading box is weld-sealed to contain dust. To further enhance employee safety, the VMF-28/CP Feeder offers an optional dust collector that can be fitted to the bag box. The dust collector automatically switches on while the auger switches off whenever the door is opened. For added safety, there is a mesh screen between the bag box and the auger. Besides containing carbon dust, the VMF’s carbon loading system improves cost effectiveness by making it easier for water treatment technicians to fully empty the carbon bags maximizing carbon supply usage. In addition to carbon, VMF-28/CP is ideal for dispensing lime and soda ash for pH control.

To improve feeding accuracy, the VMF’s fully integrated Scaletron scale employs four load cells to automatically weigh and add precise dosage amounts to treatment processes without requiring an operator to measure and weigh additive materials. Accuracy is to within 2% of volume. In addition, the Scaletron scale compensates for changes in density due to moisture absorption or evaporation by continually and accurately monitoring the correct weight of material being added to the system, and then regulating auger speed accordingly to assure proper mixing. This feature is particularly valuable in situations where clumping of carbon additive occurs as opposed to dispensing by screw feed alone which can produce wide swings in the amount of carbon dispensed into the water system.

Featuring rugged and durable steel construction, the Scaletron VMF-28/CP Feeder has a corrosion resistant finish. Whereas many carbon feeders use water pressure only to move the additive into the system, the Scaletron unit also uses suction which assures more thorough pre-hydration to promote thorough mixing. Hopper capacity is to 5.0 cu. ft. The VMF-28/CP Feeder uses a heavy-duty, gear-driven auger to continually feed material into the built-in stainless steel hopper at a rate of 0.2 to 35.4 cu. ft. per hour. Auger sizes are from 0.75″ to 3.25″ diameter solid stainless steel. Also offered are 1.5” to 3.25” diameter open helix style augers.

Numerous modular add-on options and accessories make the VMF-28/CP Feeder readily adaptable to small treatment systems being loaded from bags, or large water treatment plants that load from super sacks or silos. The entire machine is designed for fast, easy attachment and removal of accessories using a quick clamp design. Controls are housed in a NEMA 4X, UL-approved enclosure. The VMF-28/CP is compatible with Scaletron’s line of scale indicators and controllers. FBIC bulk bag unloaders, SCADA-capable SCMR motor controllers, discharge spouts in several diameters, batch tanks, vibratory agitators, and lift-off, hinged or fixed hopper lids are among the many other accessories.

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