Model 8700 Oxygen Permeation Analyzer

Avoid Production scrap and expensive re-work costs. Install a Model 8700 on your production floor.

The Only Available Solution for Lightning-Fast Oxygen Permeation Results (OTR).

Born out of the need to validate production quality of high capacity blow molding units.

The eleven (11) chamber Model 8700 with exceptionally fast Turbopurge(TM) design, enables QA results of coated bottles to be determined within 3 hours. Full equilibrium in under 12 hours.

The Analyzer can be expanded to sixty six (66) measurement chambers when ultra high throughput is required.

Now the 8700 has evolved into the most versatile Package analyzer available, with our unique modular adapters which install in seconds. Custom designs for your specific needs are always available.

Research grade stability and performance is also included as evidenced by our measurement range of 0.00004 - 1000 cc/pack/day.

Easy to use Windows(TM) based software, with an intuitive menu structure, allows each chamber to operate independently. As one test is running, other packages can be started, stopped or delayed. All measurement results are accompanied with a graphical representation of each measurement.

Purchase a Model 8700 and validate your production quality.

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