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Able to interface with most WMS systems in real-time, ExpressCube Featherweight Gold-M incorporates laser-free ExpressCube 250 countertop dimensioning and weighing unit, which measures rectangular boxes within 24 x 24 x 36 in. measuring grid and up to 70 lb. ExpressCart measures 26½ x 32 x 31 in. and includes swiveling laptop stand, bumpered wheels, pullout drawer, and storage tray. With built-in battery, Express Power Unit permits 12 hr of operation.

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ExpressCube Launches ExpressCube Featherweight Gold-M, a Mobile Cubing, Weighing and Slotting Workstation for Warehouse Cost Savings

Toronto, April 10, 2008 - ExpressCube manufactures state-of-the-art dimensioning and weighing equipment that will eliminate chargebacks and optimize warehouse and logistic operations. Responding to distributor and customer demand, ExpressCube has announced the launch of ExpressCube Featherweight Gold-M, a mobile warehouse turnkey solution that incorporates its laser-free, robust and easy-to-operate ExpressCube 250. It is mounted on a sturdy workstation cart with a rechargeable battery power source that can operate for 12 hours. The ExpressCube Featherweight Gold-M mobile workstation can be used in "fly-in operations" for multiple warehouses, green field warehouse operations for new facilities, warehouse turnarounds in concert with a new WMS system, or occasional use when new products and boxes must be sized and weighed.

"Last year, when the rules for dimensional weight and shipping charges were changed by all the major couriers, we were asked to help them explain the dimensional weight concept and our simple desktop static solution," said Gord Cooper, Vice President of Marketing, ExpressCube. "We are being asked about how to optimize warehouses for better slotting for warehouse optimization and cost control beyond the DIM weight chargebacks. Savvy logistics and operation managers, management accountants, and senior management are seeing the value of our ExpressCube device on the inbound side of their warehouse operations."

Manual weighing and measuring is an inaccurate, tedious and labor-intensive task. The ExpressCube Featherweight Gold-M mobile warehouse turnkey solution can interface real time with most WMS systems. Mobile applications uniquely suit the ExpressCube technology, which uses no lasers or moving parts. Dust and motion inherent to warehouse environments pose no challenge for ExpressCube. The device is simple to use, which minimizes the learning curve and encourages employees to adopt the device easily and rapidly. Employees capture accurate data at the point of origin, providing faster and more accurate inventory reporting.

The ExpressCube Featherweight Gold-M mobile workstation has three parts and can be assembled in less than 30 minutes:

1. The core of the ExpressCube Featherweight Gold-M mobile workstation is the ExpressCube 250. The EC-250 is a countertop dimensioning and weighing unit. This unit measures rectangular boxes with dimensions contained within a 24" x 24" x 36" measuring grid (12 ft. cube) and weight up to 70 lb. This larger capacity makes the EC-250 ideal for WMS uploads for slotting and expected cubes/weights population.

2. The ExpressCart is designed for the EC-150 and EC-250 units. The cart is 26 1/2" wide x 32" deep x 31" high. It is shipped and stored in a compact box (27" x 34" x 7.5"). It features a swivelling laptop stand; customized footpads to firmly secure the EC250; large bumpered wheels for easy maneuvering (2 wheels are lockable); handy pullout drawer; and a lower storage tray for the power units and other storage.

3. The Express Power Unit has an extra-large built-in battery permitting 12 hours of operation. It has a sleek compact design with a digital display that shows power draw and battery status. The Express Power Unit can function as an incremental power bar. It features a backup transfer switch to ensure power connection when operating as a back-up system

The ExpressCube Featherweight Gold-M mobile workstation is used for populating WMS systems on inbound cartons and master cartons, or for random weighing/dimensioning of palletized boxes expected to be the same weight and dimensions. It is perfect for slotting and creating entries for expected weights and dimensions for outbound orders to verify against.

For more information, please contact us at, 1-877-428-2348 or Distributor enquiries are welcome.

About ExpressCube:
ExpressCube is a successful veteran in the sensor development, manufacturing, and marketing business. Recognizing the worldwide opportunity in the dimensioning (DIM) and weighing of parcels, ExpressCube was established to market ExpressCube products. ExpressCube utilizes 30 years of proven technology and innovative design. ExpressCube is the indisputable state-of-the-art dimensioning and weighing solution. Please visit us at for more information.

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Company Contact: Gordon Cooper - V.P. Marketing, 905-507-0007,

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