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Mobile Tracking Location System uses active RFID technology.

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Jul 13, 2007 - ILR Mobile Location System, using vehicle-mounted computer terminal outfitted with ILR® RFID reader and GPS receiver, automatically locates tagged assets and detects their current latitude/longitude within outdoor open yard to within 2 m. Able to manage hundreds to hundreds of thousands of assets, scalable solution employs positioning algorithms that tell system where each tagged item resides every time vehicle moves anywhere in yard. It also automatically re-maps that section.

Original Press Release

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Announces Ground Breaking Active RFID Mobile Tracking Location System

Press release date: Jul 02, 2007

LUSTENAU, Austria and DALLAS, July 2 -- IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, the global leader in wireless tracking and tracing solutions that includes award-winning intelligent long-range active RFID technology, announces the release of their ILR Mobile Location System. Utilizing both cutting-edge Global Positioning System, (GPS) and IDENTEC SOLUTIONS patented technology, the system provides the most advanced tracking and asset management-specific solution available. Under development since mid 2007, the new solution is the first practical and cost-effective system to effectively assist companies manage 100s to 100,000s of assets in an outdoor open yard.

"We are committed to maintaining our leadership position by developing only the most advanced and technology superior active RFID solutions possible to the international marketplace," states Gerhard Schedler, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS CEO. "The development and release of our ILR Mobile Tracking System once again positions IDENTEC SOLUTIONS at the forefront of our industry."

Developed to provide enhanced visibility of assets within logistic and manufacturing processes, the IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' ILR Mobile Location System enables users to obtain a cost effective solution that is accurate and scalable and to provide complete asset visibility within the yard.

Using a vehicle-mounted computer terminal outfitted with an ILR(R) RFID reader and GPS receiver, the system automatically, without any user interaction, locates tagged assets and detects their current latitude/longitude location within the yard. Using IDENTEC SOLUTIONS advanced positioning algorithms (patent pending), the system is able to tell customers exactly where each tagged item currently resides within the yard -- often to within a couple of meters. Every time a reader-equipped yard vehicle moves anywhere in the yard, the system automatically re-maps that section of the yard. Each time a yard vehicle passes through an area, the reported asset location accuracy improves. A major benefit of the system is that it eliminates the need for fixed infrastructure throughout the facility, thereby saving customers considerable deployment and maintenance costs.

Another unique feature of the ILR Mobile Location System is the mobile computer which can interface with legacy third party yard management software and can be utilized for the live dispatch of yard vehicle drivers. Providing increased efficiency through real time communication, drivers can receive instant task updates, since the system also permits dispatchers to change job lists and priorities. Through the real time collection of data, information can be instantly imported into a corporate database providing a wealth of business-specific custom reports that can quickly be created and accessed.

"Our ILR Mobile Location System was developed to address the growing need of our customers for a tracking method that would provide instantaneous access to asset location information and reporting while also allowing assets to be managed in real time," states Peter Linke, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS President and CEO Americas. "Once again IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is able to offer a competitively superior solution."


Founded in 1997, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is a global leader in wireless tracking and tracing solutions that include award-winning intelligent long-range active RFID technology. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' patented RFID technology and products are utilized by some of the world's largest companies to facilitate and better manage critical processes or to help track valuable assets in a completely reliable and secure manner. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' Intelligent Long Range active RFID System can identify, locate, track and communicate with assets at a distance of up to 500 meters (1,500 feet) to deliver superior supply chain real-time visibility in dynamic, demanding environments. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' expertise and experience is especially used by systems integrators and end customers worldwide in the automotive, transportation, logistics and aerospace and defense industries. As a long-time industry player, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has provided asset management solutions and support for a variety of organizations, including an impressive roster of Fortune 500 clients such as Volkswagen, Deutsche Post and General Electric and leading systems integrators such as Intellion, Wtek, e-Plate and Softworks. The privately-held technology company is headquartered in Lustenau, Austria, with American headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and other offices worldwide supporting its customers. More information is available at

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