Mobile Rotary Kiln enables onsite soil remediation.

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Self-contained, trailer-mounted Mobile Rotary Kiln allows soil at rig sites, fuel dumps, and gas/service stations to be cleaned up efficiently. It operates through max temperature of 2,520°F and can process 10-15 tons/hr. Available in 33 and 48 ft versions, kiln utilizes infrared radiation and can produce cement clinker and various densities of expanded clay. Extreme temperatures enable disposal gasses, residues, and toxins to be eliminated or encapsulated in calcium.

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Mobile Rotary Kiln Enables Onsite Soil Remediation

Houston TX- Instead of excavating, transporting and incinerating contaminated soil, you can now decontaminate the soil and produce saleable products directly at the contamination site. The MRK Inc. Mobile Rotary Kiln allows the soil at rig sites, fuel dumps, gas/service stations and numerous other potentially contaminated areas to be cleaned up more economically and efficiently. The Mobile Rotary Kiln is a self-contained trailer mounted unit that can be delivered to the contaminated site and operated until the clean up is complete. It can be moved site to site with minimal set up time. The kiln operates through a maximum temperature of +2,520°F (1700° C) and can process 10 to 15 tons of contaminated soil per hour. In addition, the Mobile Rotating Kiln can produce cement clinker and various densities of expanded clay. The manufacturer claims that the unique ability of the kiln to produce such valuable byproducts could play a very important role in third world countries by allowing them to become more self sufficient and eventually produce export products. The Kiln burners can be fueled using waste oil and other fuel oils. The manufacturer states that the kiln drum's inner surface design is key to the process and does not incorporate ceramic bricks. Infrared radiation is reflected from the surface back to the heating drum and the solid materials. The result is the solid materials are super heated up to five times the temperature of the surrounding air. Industrial carbon dioxide and NOX discharges are reduced by electrical infrared radiation and the electrical arc creating it. The extreme temperatures enable disposal gasses, residues and toxins to be either eliminated or encapsulated in calcium, which is added to the usable byproducts. The Mobile Rotary Kiln units are available in a 33 ft. and a 48 ft. version. The total weight of the kiln and trailer is 20,500 lbs. for the short and 29,455 lbs for the long version.

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