Mobile Polyurethane Dispenser features intelligent control system.

Press Release Summary:

Mounted on mobile cart, Triton HD1033 is 2-component meter, mix, and dispensing machine intended for use in encapsulation, potting, and molding of electrical components. Turnkey system, integrated with supply tanks, employs progressing cavity pump technology and control system with parameters such as programmable shot sizes, calibration, vacuum level, degas time, agitator speed, and alarm settings. Other features include multi-zone heating up to 140°F, vacuum degassing, and in-tank agitation.

Original Press Release:

Fluid Research Increases Bottom Line and Decreases Labor Costs with New Thermoset Urethane Dispenser

Tustin, CA - Fluid Research Corporation (FRC), a leading innovator and manufacturer of precision dispensing equipment, has introduced the Triton HD1033, a dedicated polyurethane dispensing system.

The TRITON HD1033 is a two component meter, mix and dispensing machine ideal for use in encapsulation, and potting and molding of wire harnesses, electrical connector terminations, cables, printed circuitry and other electrical components.

"This turnkey dispenser is integrated with supply tanks and comes mounted on a mobile cart. Its advanced features make it easy to incorporate into any production area," said Stephen Gordon, FRC's vice president of engineering. "It's designed to decrease customers' labor costs, material waste and maintenance requirements and to increase productivity and the bottom line."

The TRITON HD1033 features FRC's patented progressing cavity pump technology for superior performance, accuracy and longevity. The intelligence of the system is the TRITON control system which is a proprietary hardware and software controller that provides a single point interface for dispensing and material management. Parameters such as programmable shot sizes, calibration, vacuum level, degas time, agitator speed, alarm settings and much more, can all be protected by a supervisor's password.

The Triton HD1033 comes standard with multi-zone heating up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, vacuum degassing, and in-tank agitation ensuring optimum conditioning of the polyurethane for degassing.

The FRC advantage is in solving diverse and complex fluid management problems with highly customized solutions that may be adapted to a range of requirements to meet most applications. Custom urethane dispensing systems can be built for ratios of 1:1 to 20:1 and flow rates from 1 gram/sec to 6 liters/min or greater. FRC is able to dispense fluid viscosities from 1 cP (water) to over 1 million cP.

About Fluid Research
Fluid Research Corporation is a recognized leader in the engineering and manufacturing of meter, mix and dispense equipment for both single and plural component reactive materials including epoxy, polyurethanes, silicones, acrylics, adhesives, paints, pastes, abrasive materials and more. FRC equipment is used in potting, encapsulation, coating, resin transfer molding (RTM), structural bonding, gasket forming, filter manufacturing, doming and sealing operations, and many other applications. FRC customers range from Fortune 500 businesses to small, niche market organizations and the company specializes in off-the shelf systems and highly customized solutions. FRC serves a variety of industries including electrical, electronic, medical, aerospace, marine, white goods, leisure, food, communications, automotive, and other markets. For more information, visit

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