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SnapSync(TM) shares and backs-up phonebook information and allows users to edit information directly on PC, eliminating need for manual input of information via mobile phone's keypad. Compatible with MS Outlook, it can operate as stand-alone PIM (personal information manager). SnapDialer(TM) allows users to wirelessly connect to Internet from laptop computers, using mobile phone as wireless modem. SnapMedia(TM) personalizes mobile phones with customized caller ID ringers and pictures.

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FutureDial Launches New Series of Software Products for Mobile Phones

Nov. 15, 2002, SUNNYVALE (CA) - With all the market hype about cellular device convergence these days, mobile phones are becoming more sophisticated, offering contact storage and calendar features like PDAs, high-speed internet browsers, color screens, rich ring tones and built-in cameras. All these features would usually make phone more difficult to use, but an innovative little company in Silicon Valley is helping the phone manufacturers make things simple for millions of mobile phone users.

Addressing a growing need in the mobile market for making mobile phones easier to operate and utilize, FutureDial Incorporated of Sunnyvale, California, has developed new software that bridges the usability gap for mobile phone users. FutureDial's newly-announced product lineup includes SnapSync(tm), SnapDialer(tm), and SnapMedia(tm) software programs.

SNAPSYNC --- Software to Share and Back-up Phonebook Information for Mobile Phones and the PC SnapSync(tm) software allows mobile phone users to edit phonebook information directly on the PC, and then transfer that data to a mobile phone. This eliminates the need to manually input contact names and other phonebook information via the mobile phone's small keypad.

The software is compatible with MS Outlook, or can operate as a stand-alone PIM (personal information manager). SnapSync(tm) also keeps a backup copy of important phonebook information, so if the phone is ever lost or damaged, the phonebook information can be easily restored to a new phone. Phonebook information can also be shared between different mobile phone models with different phonebook structures---even between phones of different wireless carriers.

SNAPDIALER --- Software for Wireless Internet Access for the PC via Mobile Phones

SnapDialer(tm) software is a laptop PC program for wireless Internet access using the mobile phone as a "wireless modem." It allows users to wirelessly connect to the Internet from their laptop computers anytime, anywhere.

There is no need to subscribe to a separate wireless data service, so users gain more usage out of the phone data service that they already have. With the SnapDialer(tm) software, users can conveniently browse the web or view e-mails using the PC's larger screen, which is much easier than trying to view from a PDA or a mobile phone's tiny screen.

SNAPMEDIA --- Software to Personalize Mobile Phones with Ringers and Pictures

SnapMedia(tm) software is a PC desktop software program for personalizing mobile phones with customized caller ID ringers and pictures. Customers can select favorite MIDI musical files on their PC, crop the tune to the desired length, and assign the tune as a ringer to any name in their mobile phonebook. In a similar fashion, personal pictures can be selected on the PC, customized and assigned to the phone as a screensaver or to specific names in the phonebook. When friends call, the unique ringer tune or picture will serve as a very personalized visual and musical "Caller ID" on the mobile phone.


"The new mobile handsets are offering some incredibly useful features like advanced phonebook storage capability, color screens, polyphonic ringers, and high-speed network access, to name a few. However, increased functionality doesn't have to mean increased complexity.

FutureDial allows the everyday consumer to benefit from these features with very easy-to-use Windows PC software," commented Christopher Waldo, FutureDial VP Sales. "Some handset manufacturers provide sync software for some of their handsets. Our universal handset support business model provides incentive to discard those give-aways. Consumers would rather pay a one time price for software that provides them a consistent application platform as they migrate between handsets over time. Starting from scratch and learning a new program each time you buy a phone is not a friendly solution. Particularly as the average time to own a phone is getting dramatically shorter with the speed that handset manufacturers are introducing new technology and features."


FutureDial's software is compatible with phones of the five major wireless carriers in the United States-Sprint, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, and Cingular Wireless. Mobile phones manufactured by Sanyo, Samsung, Kyocera, LG Infocomm, Motorola, Audiovox, Hitachi, Ericsson and Nokia are all popular models compatible with the FutureDial software programs.

This universal software is an advantage for consumers: A subscriber with one carrier who is using the software for a particular model phone could later switch to another carrier, and still be able to easily transfer his/her phonebook from the old phone to the new carrier's phone model with a click of the mouse. That's a big advantage for consumers, since they won't have to manually re-enter all their phonebook info if they switch carriers. This is certain to save many "sore thumbs" among customers.

Wireless carriers will also benefit from FutureDial's software: For the carriers, one of the biggest obstacles to getting customers to upgrade to the newer phones has been reluctance due to the hassle of manually re-entering all the phonebook information. FutureDial's software makes that much easier, so it can help wireless carriers overcome that barrier with their customers.


Because new phone models are constantly introduced to the market, FutureDial designed its software programs to be forward-compatible. Purchasing the FutureDial software once allows the customer to upgrade handsets for that program in the future at no additional charge. The phone module updates are available for download from the Product Support section of FutureDial's website, at


FutureDial Incorporated is a privately held wireless software developer with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. The company's global mission is to provide easy-to-access and easy-to-use software products and services that connect people and information. The company plans to be a worldwide provider of productivity, connectivity and communications software products that fundamentally change the way people connect and communicate. For more information, please visit the FutureDial website at


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