Mobile Phone Diagnostics Tool suits retail operations. .

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Able to analyze mobile device at POS, Diagnostics Solution reduces need to send no-fault-found phones to labs and repair centers. Hardware and software problems are automatically diagnosed, and uner interface wizard guides even novice service agents through effective fault isolation and resolution process for commonly known sources of mobile device faults. Diagnostics tool also has ability to install flash software and update older operating systems.

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Cellebrite Launches Point-of-Sale Diagnostics Tool to Significantly Reduce Mobile Repair Costs

Cellebrite Diagnostics Solution Provides Comprehensive Detection and Correction of Phone Faults in Retail Stores GLEN ROCK, N.J. and PETAH TIKVA, Israel -- Cellebrite, the market leader in POS mobile content transfer, backup and restore, has announced the launch of its Diagnostics Solution, an easy to use, comprehensive tool, which enables the fast identification and resolution of simple mobile device faults at the Point-of-Sale (POS) in retail stores. This tool can substantially reduce the need to send NFF (No Fault Found) phones to labs and repair centers, thereby minimizing costs, saving time and improving service. On average it costs $80.00 for a single mobile device to be sent to the manufacturer's repair center. According to a November, 2011 study of global trends conducted by WDS(1) - a UK-based wireless experience management company - Android device returns alone cost operators $2B USD per year. With Cellebrite's diagnostic solution, faults can be quickly and easily identified and fixed at the POS, thus eliminating the need to send the device to the repair center. This can significantly reduce such enormous operating costs, save support resources and remove inconvenience and frustration for customers. When a suspected faulty phone is brought to the retail store, counter staff and engineers commence a time and resource-consuming work cycle: providing the customer with a replacement phone; sending the suspected faulty unit to the repair center or lab; having technicians identify the fault, fix the device, send it back to the store, while the replacement phone is retrieved and recycled back into the store's inventory. Now available for use in mobile retail stores throughout the US and UK, the tool will automatically analyze a mobile device at the POS, diagnosing hardware and software problems and leading service agents through a simple and effective fault isolation and resolution process for common problems - many of which can be fixed automatically on the spot. Interaction with the tool is achieved via a user-friendly UI Wizard, which guides even the novice user through an automatic process examining many of the known sources of mobile faults including: CPU and RAM performance, memory, storage, network and device information, and problems with self-installed apps. By running diagnostics and explaining how to deal with the particular issue at hand, the diagnostics tool enables a POS agent to save considerable time and money and improve customer service. Cellebrite's diagnostics tool also has the ability to install flash software and to update older operating systems. Benefits of the Cellebrite diagnostics tool include: -- Reducing the need for expensive phone servicing -- Reducing the number of NFF phones sent to repair centers -- Speeding up the service process -- Better customer support at the POS, resulting in improved satisfaction levels -- Reducing overall operational costs -- A dramatic reduction in the quantity of handset exchanges -- Exceptional problem-solving solutions, with no data loss to the customer -- Reliable diagnosis of actual faults - no time wasted on suspected, unproven faults Ron Serber, Co-CEO of Cellebrite, commented: "This new diagnostics tool meets a growing demand on an issue that regularly concerns our customers. It costs a significant amount of time and money to send a faulty phone from the high street store to the manufacturers repair center for the identification and resolution of what is often a simple problem. Not only is this frustrating for the operator but also for the customer who can be left without a phone, or with a temporary device, for a considerable amount of time. But such problems can often be resolved within minutes in the store itself by the service agent diagnosing and fixing the problem at the POS. In this way, we are reducing the time and cost of fixing a mobile device off-site and dramatically improving the customer's experience and overall satisfaction." Please visit Cellebrite at Mobile World Congress 2012, February 27th-1st March, in Barcelona in Hall 8 Booth B71. About Cellebrite Founded in 1999, Cellebrite is a global company known for its technological breakthroughs in the cellular industry. The pioneers in mobile phone-to-phone content transfer, today Cellebrite provides a complete range of solutions for the mobile retail industry such as phone to phone content transfer, backup & restore, diagnostics and application and content delivery at the Point-of-Sale. Cellebrite works exclusively with more than 150 wireless carriers worldwide including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile, O2, Radio Shack, Orange, Vodafone and many more. Cellebrite is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sun Corporation, a listed Japanese company (6736/JQ) (1)

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