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DirectSMSC service provides users with secure, dedicated SMSC (Short Message Service Center) for sending and receiving SMS. It is located directly on SS7 network and HSL, providing direct connection to global SMS messaging infrastructure. Each SMSC, dedicated to individual client, offers global network coverage; outbound MT SMS; inbound MO and MT SMS; mobile-to-mobile SMS; virtual mobile MSISDN allocation for inbound SMS; and secure access via Internet VPN.

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HSL Launch DirectSMSC Mobile Messaging Service

Livingston, Scotland - May 3, 2005 (PRN): HSL (Hay Systems Ltd) are pleased to announce the launch of their unique DirectSMSC service as a valuable addition to their mobile messaging portfolio. The DirectSMSC service provides clients with their own secure, cost effective and dedicated SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) for sending and receiving SMS, managed by HSL.

HSL's own SMSC, which was introduced in 2004, is located directly on the SS7 network and HSL are therefore able to provide a direct connection to the global SMS messaging infrastructure, resulting in a highly reliable and resilient service. Following this success, HSL are now offering enterprises and other mobile messaging providers the opportunity to utilise the same SMSC infrastructure on a dedicated basis, leaving the management and operation of the service to HSL.

This is a service that will be extremely attractive to many providers of mobile messaging services. Each SMSC, dedicated to an individual client, offers global network coverage, outbound MT SMS, inbound MO and MT SMS, mobile-to-mobile SMS, its own virtual mobile MSISDN allocation for inbound SMS and secure access via Internet VPN, with alternative links available. The SMSC platform's virtual mobile capability allows the receiving of SMS from mobile phones on different mobile networks around the world.

Key benefits for customers are:

o Applications: can be used by customer for interactive mobile messaging applications (e.g. financial, package tracking, information look-up), telemetry and data collection, content delivery, corporate communications and other applications

o Cost: extremely competitive message pricing and high ROI compared with the purchase and operation costs of implementing an SMSC

o Dedicated: SMSC resource dedicated to the customer

o Security: sole use of SMSC platform with direct connectivity between applications and the SS7 network; secure VPN connection supported

o Skills: otherwise expensive telecoms skills outsourced to HSL's expert engineers

HSL are renowned for the reliability and resilience of their technical infrastructure, and the new DirectSMSC service symbolises the dedication and commitment to enhance overall service provision for clients. Mark Hay, Managing and Technical Director, is quoted as saying: "Introducing an SMSC is a costly and time-consuming experience for companies and it is often the case that the necessary skills for implementing and operating an SMSC are not present within an organisation. HSL's DirectSMSC solution provides an extremely cost-effective and secure means for an organisation to gain its own SMSC and removes tremendous hurdles for them in terms of the implementation and day-to-day operation of the SMSC."

Additional information regarding HSL and their mobile messaging solutions can be found at Please feel free to contact HSL's Marketing and Sales Team with any questions on +44 (0)1506 424950.

o Founded in 1999 in Edinburgh, Scotland, HSL provide a fast, efficient, reliable and high quality infrastructure for sending and receiving SMS messages globally.

o HSL operate across three independent service sites based in the UK and North America, which guarantees service availability and maximum reliability for clients.

o Key clients include BAA, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard Company, Sony Ericsson, Royal Liver Assurance and Schlumberger.

For more information, contact:

Karen Thom
Tel: +44 (0)1506 424950

News source: Press Release Network

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