Mobile IP Newsgathering Transmitter comes with embedded modems.

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TM1000G Mobile IP Newsgathering Transmitter is offered with HEVC video compression and patented Inverse Statmux Plus (IS+) transmission algorithm. The unit can transmit simultaneously over cellular, microwave, satellite, BGAN, WiFi and Ethernet connections. Transmitter is suitable for broadcasters to cover elections, natural disasters, and sporting events and weighs 2.2 lb. Unit eliminates the need of modem swapping and transmits HD quality video at 3 Mbps with half-latency.

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NAB 2018: TVU Networks to Introduce New Version of its TVU One Mobile IP Newsgathering Transmitter for Globetrotting Broadcasters

New TVU One model eliminates modem swapping and is ideal for broadcasters that frequently travel the world to cover important events and news

TVU Networks, the global technology and innovation leader in live IP video solutions, today announced a new model of its award-winning TVU One with HEVC mobile IP newsgathering transmitter. TVU One TM1000G features a global embedded modem for easy operation practically anywhere in the world. During the upcoming NAB Show, TVU Networks will showcase the new unit alongside its line of live IP video solutions in booth C1707 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“When we first introduced TVU One, it was our first portable live video cellular broadcast product to use embedded internal modems instead of exclusively external USB modems. With its lightweight design, easy operation and broadcast picture quality, it has become an industry favorite,” explained Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “In the past, depending on where in the world the TVU One was going to be used to transmit video or data, a specific set of modems had to be installed to ensure compatibility with that region's SIMs. This of course meant that modems had to be physically swapped out if a broadcaster was planning to use their TVU Ones in a country that required a different modem configuration. With the introduction of our new TVU One TM1000G model, we are once again raising the bar by offering increased flexibility and ease of use. The global modems available in the TM1000G ensures hassle-free operation by allowing broadcasters to simply insert local SIMs wherever they are into the transmitter, and with that, they’re ready to go live.”

TVU One TM1000G includes all of the useful features of TVU Networks’ standard TVU One TM1000 IP newsgathering portable transmitter. Offering a robust set of functions designed to fit the needs of any size live video broadcaster, the transmitter is available with HEVC video compression and TVU’s patented Inverse Statmux Plus (IS+) transmission algorithm to transmit full HD quality video with half-second latency at 3Mbps. TVU One is available with embedded modems and can transmit simultaneously over multiple connections, including cellular, microwave, satellite, BGAN, WiFi and Ethernet.

Weighing just 2.2 pounds, TVU One is ideal for use with broadcasters that travel the world to transmit live coverage of important events like elections, natural disasters, and sporting events to their viewers back home. With TVU One, broadcasters can fully leverage the versatility of a small, lightweight, IP-based high-definition video field transmitter without sacrificing performance, features or picture quality.

Already in use by thousands of leading broadcast organizations around the world, the TVU Networks family of IP transmission solutions gives broadcasters and organizations a powerful and reliable tool to distribute live video content to broadcast, online and mobile platforms. The TVU Networks suite of solutions has been used to deliver professional-quality live HD footage of a number of important events around the world including the World Cup, both Summer and Winter Olympic Games, U.S. presidential elections, natural disasters, the 2013 Papal conclave, the Super Bowl, the 2015 Papal visit to the United States and several international sporting events. For more information about TVU Networks solutions, please visit

About TVU Networks®

TVU Networks® is a technology and market leader in IP-based live video solutions. TVU’s solutions help transform broadcasters’ SDI-based operations - which include acquisition, transmission, routing, distribution and management - to an IP-based infrastructure. TVU® serves customers of all sizes in more than 85 countries from industries that include news broadcast, web streaming, law enforcement, sports, corporate and government. In broadcast markets around the world including the USA, China and other major economic powers, TVU® is the dominant market leader with a large majority of all news broadcast stations using its IP video solutions. Using its proprietary IS+ technology, TVU’s uplink solutions use any combination of cellular, satellite, microwave, WiFi and Ethernet IP connections to deliver live HD video from practically any location.

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