Mobile Content Service utilizes SMS text messaging.

Press Release Summary:

Omnilert v2.0 self-service, web-based, selective mass communication system enables organizations to send up to 18,000 messages/min to large groups of people through mobile phones, email, web pages, and other devices. Built around Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging system, cross-carrier service provides back-end communication platform, while content channels provide marketing and subscribers. Features include SmartCode(TM) technology, Bulletin Board, and Groups functionality.

Original Press Release:

Content Providers, Marketers and Technology Integrators Can Utilize SMS Text Messaging as New Content Distribution Channel with Omnilert 2.0

Anyone Can Send SMS Text Messages to Large Groups of People or Specific Subsets

LEESBURG, Va., April 18 / / -- Omnilert LLC, the leading provider of selective mass communications, today announced the release of Omnilert version 2.0, the selective mass communication system that offers any organization the power to take advantage of the mobile revolution and instantly communicate to large groups of people through mobile phones, email, web pages, and other devices. Omnilert is designed for resellers and integrators to market and operate the platform as a new content channel under a different name to a specific target market. This cross-carrier mobile content service is built around a highly reliable Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging system that sends out 18,000 messages per minute to subscriber's cell phones, text pagers, email accounts, and relevant web pages. Resellers and their subscribers can select the delivery method(s) to be used. Omnilert 2.0 is available today and pricing structures vary by the needs of the channel provider. The revenue sharing plan is the most popular pricing model for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Omnilert provides the back-end communication platform, while the content channels provide the marketing and subscribers. It is so easy to use, that a new content channel can be set up and operational in the same day. Those that will benefit by tapping into the mobile generation include:

o Content Providers: magazines, newspapers, radio stations, television stations, and others can extend the reach of their brand and content.

o Marketing Providers: marketing firms, ad agencies, fan clubs, and retail clients can alert subscribers to time-sensitive news such as a special promotion, celebrity interview, concert announcement, scheduled maintenance reminder, auto-payment reminder, and more.

o Technology Providers: new and existing products or services could be even better if they could mass communicate with mobile devices.

Omnilert is uniquely developed for resellers to take the Omnilert platform and adapt it into a service for a specific market application. It is ideal for a number of applications, such as content distribution, school communications, employee communications, citizen alerts, retail marketing, sporting event cancellations, and more. Omnilert is now accepting reseller applications and currently resells through e2Campus, Amerilert, RainedOut and a handful of government resellers.

The Four Types of Omnilert Resellers:
o Referral Partner: refers business to an Omnilert channel and has minimal involvement in the sales and closing process.

o Sales Agent - Reseller Partner: sells directly to the end-user and are completely involved in the sales and closing process.

o Distributor Partner: builds a sales distribution channel of Referrals, Sales Agents, and Resellers. They actively promote, train, and assist in sales to end-users.

o OEM Channel Partner: create their own branded alert and notification system using the OEM Omnilert Network and SmartCode(TM). They sell into an existing market; create their own marketing, sales, and level-1 support.

Major New Features

Omnilert's SmartCode(TM) technology allows organizations to "virtually integrate" Omnilert functions into their existing web site by simply adding a line of code into any web page for registration, access or for posting notices. This means new users do not have to go to a third party site to start the process of signing up, while the organization looks more professional. The Bulletin Board feature dynamically posts content of messages instantly and automatically on relevant web pages, so anyone who posted the message no longer needs to contact their webmaster to update the web site. The new Groups functionality allows organizations to create unlimited groups and assign "Group Admins" to manage them independently. Group Admins only have access to their group for sending content, so they cannot access other areas of the system as an Administrator can.

About Omnilert 2.0

Omnilert is a self-service, web-based, selective mass communication system that empowers organizations to send instant alerts to thousands of people anywhere, anytime, on any device all at once. It simultaneously sends mass alerts to opted-in subscribers' mobile phones (via SMS text message), BlackBerrys, smart phones, wireless PDAs, text pagers, e-mail accounts, and relevant web pages. There is no software to install, no hardware to buy, and no additional phone lines needed. A reseller can set up a secure communication system in minutes to send routine, urgent or emergency notifications to all subscribers or groups based on geography, teams, interests, and more. Omnilert is favorably reviewed by DISA, endorsed by Security On Campus, Inc., and used by thousands of subscribers across America.

Availability & Pricing

As an Application Service Provider (ASP) or hosted solution, Omnilert 2.0 is available immediately. Various pricing plans are offered and discounts are available based on the amount of subscribers.

o Enterprise Pricing: For organizations that NEED to inform their subscribers, this plan offers a flat rate price based on the number of potential subscribers during a given year. You can send as many notifications as you want throughout the year.

o Flex Pricing: For organizations that NEED to inform their subscribers, but don't know how often they will use the service, this pricing plan offers pay-for-use fees plus a small annual fee.

o Subscriber Pricing: For organizations that WANT to offer this service to subscribers, such as non-profits, this plan offers a small annual fee for the client and a small monthly or annual subscription fee for registering subscribers. Therefore, the subscribers cover the cost of the service instead of the enterprise.

o Revenue Sharing: For entrepreneurs, dot-coms and start-ups, this plan charges a small monthly fee to the content channel and shares the incoming subscriber revenue. The channel uses Omnilert's e-commerce engine, contact management system, and content distribution system without an annual commitment or large upfront deposit. Therefore, the channel has negligible overhead and can start a new service in a day.

About Omnilert, LLC

Omnilert, LLC is the leading provider of selective mass communications for sending time-sensitive information to large groups of people. The self- service, web-based system enables a single person to communicate timely information to thousands of people anywhere, anytime, on any device. It is ideal for announcing school closings, game cancellations, weather warnings, terrorist alerts, and marketing promotions. The system is built around a reliable SMS text messaging system that sends content directly to a mobile phone, as well as an email address, web page, pager or wired phone. Omnilert Text and Voice solutions are sold under the names e2Campus, Amerilert, RainedOut and through resellers. The privately held company is headquartered in Leesburg, VA and online at


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