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Requiring minimal memory size and MIPS rate, BBE M3 Mobile Audio post processing technology improves sound quality of digitally compressed audio used in mobile phones with MP3 player functionality. Hearing Impaired (HI) mode uses mild, high-frequency boost to enhance dialog clarity. Having little impact on battery life of portable equipment, BBE M3 expands high-frequency bandwidth, restores lost harmonics, and is compatible with all digital compression formats.

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BBE Sound Launches BBE M3 Mobile Audio Technology

BBE M3 to Be Available Through Major Codec and DSP Suppliers

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Aug. 24 // -- BBE Sound Inc., a leading developer of advanced sound technologies for the professional audio and consumer electronic markets, today introduced its BBE M3 Mobile Audio technology to the mobile phone industry. BBE M3 is a next-generation audio post processing technology that improves the sound quality of digitally compressed audio typically used in mobile phones with MP3 player functionality. BBE M3 requires only a minimal memory size and MIPS rate, and has little impact on the battery life of the portable equipment.

Benefits of BBE M3:
o Restores the details and nuance lost in digitally compressed audio
o Adds warmth to any music or sound
o Brings subtle, often overlooked sounds back into the listening
o Deeper, more powerful bass
o Expands high-frequency bandwidth
o Restores lost harmonics for a more realistic listening experience
o Compatible with all digital compression formats, including AAC, MP3 and WMA

The BBE M3 process includes three of the company's core audio technologies: BBE High Definition Sound(TM), BBE MP(TM), and BBE ViVA HD3D(TM). BBE High Definition Sound ensures that high frequency sounds are clearer, naturally brilliant and more finely detailed, while lows are well defined and harmonically rich. BBE MP process regenerates harmonics from the source material, effectively recovering warmth, details and nuance. It works evenly on the entire audio range, maintaining a constant sound characteristic. BBE ViVA HD3D supplements the weakened stereo image and ambience of digitally compressed audio while keeping the monaural components (such as solo vocals) unchanged.

BBE M3 also features a unique Hearing Impaired ("HI") mode, which provides effective dialog clarity enhancement for the hearing impaired without using an aggressive high frequency boost. HI mode adds an extra, yet mild, high-frequency boost that is combined with a frequency-specific phase adjustment that results in a more natural and clear listening experience for the hearing impaired.

BBE M3 will be available through a major MIDI chip supplier to be announced later this month. In the meantime, mobile phone makers should contact BBE Sound for a demonstration of the BBE M3 technology, by emailing or 714-897-6766.

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Founded in 1985, BBE Sound, Inc. develops advanced audio enhancement technologies for the professional audio and consumer electronic markets. The world's leading consumer electronics manufacturers feature BBE technologies in products such as televisions, mobile electronics, telephones, automobiles, computers and personal audio systems, and they proudly feature the BBE Sound trademark, which is recognized around the world as an indicator of superior sound quality. Music and sound experts depend on BBE Sounds' advanced hardware products and High Definition Sound technology to allow their full creative and musical expression to reach the ears of their audiences. The BBE brand is synonymous with the finest in sonic accuracy and musical realism, and the prestige and distinction associated with the BBE brand has become a primary benefit that BBE licensees enjoy. Based in California, the company has offices in Japan, Korea, China and Europe. For more information about BBE Sound or BBE technologies and products, visit

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