MLX91204 Integrated 2-Axis Hall Sensor

The MLX91204 detects the absolute angular position of a small magnet that is positioned above the device surface. The MLX91204 is an integrated combination of a CMOS Hall circuit and a thin ferromagnetic disk. The CMOS circuit contains two pairs of Hall-elements for each of the two directions parallel with the chip surface X and Y. The ferromagnetic disk amplifies the external magnetic field and concentrates it on the Hall elements.

The MLX91204 is ideally suited for rotary position sensing in harsh automotive and industrial environments. It produces two linear, ratio-metric output voltages proportional to the sine and the cosine function of the angle of the applied magnetic field parallel to the chip surface.

Features and Benefits
  • Measures two components of a magnetic field at the same spot.
  • Excellent matching of sensitivity along the two axes.
  • Max. angle error from -40°C ..+125°C: ~ 1°
  • Very high sensitivity
  • Low quiescent current
  • Fabricated in standard CMOS technology
  • Very low hysteresis
  • Surface mount SOIC-8 package
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