Mixing/Flushing System cleans retention basins.

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Hydroejector acts as mixer when basin water levels are high and automatically becomes flushing device when water levels are low. Unit ensures that all solid materials are resuspended and flushed as basin is emptied, eliminating need for manual cleanup. To avoid clogging problems, pump is equipped with self-cleaning N-impeller. Ejector pipe removes organic matter from basin and features large diameter nozzle to further ensure clog-free operation.

Original Press Release:

Innovative Mixing and Flushing Unit for Cleaning Retention Basins

A new mixing and flushing unit for cleaning retention basins has been introduced by ITT Flygt Corp., Trumbull, CT. Designated as the Flygt Hydroejector, the unit acts as a mixer when water levels are high, keeping solids in suspension so they can be readily pumped away. When basin water levels are low, the Hydroejector automatically becomes a flushing device, with water discharged through the ejector pipe in a powerful jet, which removes organic matter from the basin floor and walls.

During periods of heavy rain, large volumes of water can often be too much for a sewage system and wastewater treatment plant to handle. Overflowing can take place, causing environmental, hygienic, and property damage to surrounding areas. By utilizing retention basins, the flow in a sewage system can be evened out, avoiding floods and maintaining an efficient treatment process at the wastewater treatment plant.

Water entering retention basins often contains solid particles and other suspended matter which can build up on the floor and walls of the basin, causing toxic gasses and unpleasant odors. With a Flygt Hydroejector installed in the basin, all solid materials are resuspended and then flushed as the basin is emptied, eliminating the need for manual cleanup.

Clogging is always a potential problem when solids are present in stored water. In order to eliminate any clogging problems, the Flygt pump that powers the Hydroejector is equipped with the exclusive self-cleaning N-impeller. The ejector pipe is designed with a large diameter nozzle to further ensure clog-free operation.

Further information about Flygt's Hydroejector is available from ITT Flygt Corp., 35 Nutmeg Drive, Trumbull, CT 06611. Phone Patrick Grella at 203-380-4700.

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