Mix-Dispense Valve handles dual-component materials.

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Model 2200-545-037 uses No-Drip® technology for dispensing miniature beads and small volumes of solvent-based, moisture-curing, and stringy materials such as epoxies, silicones, and polyurethanes. Pneumatically actuated, it is constructed with stainless-steel wetted components, dual carbide ball-and-seat shut-off, safety-closure spring, flow-control adjustment, and balancer eye-hook. Quarter-turn bayonet mount accommodates various disposable mixer sizes.

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New Two-Component Mix-Dispense Valve

New Two-Component Mix-Dispense Valve Delivers Precision Miniature Material Beads and Shot Sizes

PLYMOUTH, MI -- Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc.'s new Model 2200-545-037 two-component Miniature Mix-Dispense Valve precisely dispenses miniature beads and very small volumes of low-viscosity pourable materials and abrasive or filled materials. The valve is ideal for low-flow applications typically found in miniature potting, doming, filling and bonding operations.

The unique Miniature Mix-Dispense Valve uses No-Drip® technology for dispensing solvent-based, moisture-curing and stringy materials such as epoxies, silicones and polyurethanes in difficult product-assembly applications. The pneumatically actuated valve opens and closes its carbide resin- and catalyst-material passages at the mixer entrance to precisely start and stop material flow.

The Miniature Mix-Dispense Valve has stainless-steel wetted components, dual carbide ball-and-seat shut-off, safety-closure spring, flow-control adjustment and balancer eye-hook. The valve's stroke adjuster can set the needle opening to adjust material-flow rates. Wear-resistant fluid seals extend valve life. Precision dowel and screw holes allow easy and accurate mounting.

For optimum material mixing, the valve's quarter-turn bayonet mount accommodates many disposable mixer sizes. A typical bayonet-mount mixer used is a 17-element disposable mixer, 0.125" diameter, 2.46" long and 0.030" outlet orifice. Resin and catalyst materials are delivered on-ratio to the Miniature Mix-Dispense Valve by Sealant Equipment & Engineering's Servo-Flo® metering assembly fed by supply tanks or pumps.

For more information visit www.sealantequipment.com < www.sealantequipment.com > or contact Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Plymouth, MI 48170; phone (734) 459-8600; E-mail valves@sealantequipment.com.

Sealant Equipment, a leading manufacturer of precision meter-mix-dispense systems and fluid-dispense valves, is registered to ISO 9001:2000. The company designs, manufactures and integrates precision-engineered systems and equipment to supply, proportion, control, meter, mix and dispense a wide variety of one-, two- and three-component adhesives, sealants, lubricants and other materials.

CONTACT: Mark Ruhlmann/Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc./(734) 459-8600

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