Misumi Unveils New Cartridge Heaters for Use In Machine Design, Plus Automated Manufacturing and Assembly Work Cells


Misumi USA, Inc., a subsidiary of MISUMI Corporation, part of MISUMI Group, Inc. (Tokyo: 9962) and a leading provider of fixed and configurable mechanical components for machine building and factory automation systems, has announced several new product additions to its family of Cartridge Heaters. The new products offer OEM design engineers greater flexibility and more options in selecting the most suitable heating element for use within industrial machinery, as well as in a wide variety of manufacturing, assembly and finishing processes.

Misumi's Cartridge Heaters are compression-type heaters comprised of a ceramic core wrapped with nichrome heating wires (isolated by magnesium oxide), and housed within a stainless steel sheath. Applications for the highly efficient and reliable heating elements are broad and diverse. For example, they can be placed into metal plates, blocks or rollers used in processes such as shell casting, dry and adhesive presswork, hot stamping and engraving - as well as in the manufacture of products and systems for heat exchange, distillation heating, medical sterilization, and solder melting operations.

The new product designs in Misumi's portfolio of Cartridge Heaters include:
  • High Temperature Configurable L Cartridge Heaters - MCHLH, MCHLHB and MCHLHC. These high temperature heaters provide a maximum operating temperature range up to 900o C, with reliable insulation integrity over a long service life. Users can configure the heaters based on flange shape, length (in 1mm increments from 50-300mm), diameter, voltage (100 to 220V), wattage (in 10W increments from 50-1100). Ships in 11 days.
  • Cartridge Heaters with Internal Connection for Lead Wire Protection - MCHG, MCHGA and MCHGB. In this design, the heat generating wire and lead wire are connected within the stainless steel sheath. Since the crimp terminal is not exposed, the heater has a stronger structure to protect against breakage due to bending or vibration. Maximum operating temperature is 600o C. Users can configure the heaters based on flange shape, length (in 1mm increments from 50-400mm), diameter, voltage (100 to 220), wattage (in 10W increments from 50-2000). Ships in 11 days.
  • Cartridge Heaters with Flanged Flexible Hose - MCHH, MCHHA and MCHHC. In these three line extensions to the existing MCHH Flexible Hose Heater, the lead wire is covered with a flexible hose made of stainless steel to protect the heater and lead wire from damage due to external impact or metal fatigue. Ships in 11 days.

    Misumi's other standard and configurable Cartridge Heater designs include: L, W and F types; high temperature types; flanged and knurled flange types; compact heaters with built-in sensor (K-Type Thermocouple), and more. In addition, Misumi offers a wide range of specialized heating elements, including: Rubber Heaters, Plate and Ceramic Plate Heaters, Air Sheathed Heaters, Sheathed Heaters for Liquid Heating, and a family of Cord and Ribbon Heaters featuring a flexible, sheathed design that allows the heating elements to be wrapped directly around piping.

    For complete technical information, product types and specifications, detailed selection guides, pricing and ordering information on Misumi Cartridge Heaters and other heating products, please visit us.misumi-ec.com

    About MISUMI USA, Inc.

    Located in Schaumburg, Illinois, MISUMI USA, Inc. was established in 1988 as a Subsidiary of Misumi Corporation, a part of the MISUMI Group (TOKYO: 9962). MISUMI USA, Inc. is a leading supplier of fixed and configurable components such as leader pins, single-axis actuators, linear shafts, slotted keys, aluminum extrusions, parting locks, linear guides, XY stages and other components for factory automation, plastic mold and press die industries. For a complete list of available components, please visit us.misumi-ec.com

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