MISUMI Expands Line of Sanitary Pipes, Fittings and Accessories for Use in Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, and Chemical Processing Industries

New products include sanitary stainless steel piping in a wide range of sizes and configurations, as well as pipe fittings, clamps, strainers, gauges, and more.

(Schaumburg, IL) MISUMI USA, Inc., a subsidiary of MISUMI Corporation, part of MISUMI Group, Inc. (TOKYO: 9962), has announced a significant expansion in its Sanitary Pipes and Accessories product category. The expanded line of products provides design engineers with a greater range of options in selecting fluid and air handling system components used in manufacturing and processing of chemicals, food and beverage products, pharmaceuticals, medical products, electronics and other products requiring compliance with clean room or sanitary standards.

MISUMI's Stainless Steel Sanitary Pipes and Accessories product offerings now number over 100 different components, many of which are configurable to user specifications.

The comprehensive line of Sanitary Pipe styles include:

o Standard and Welded Low-Neck Pipes
o Standard and Branched Welded Pipes
o Small Diameter Pipes
o Welded Branched Types with Selectable Ends

The standard, fixed and configurable Sanitary Pipes are available in either 304 or 316 Stainless Steel, with each style offered in a wide array of sizes. Shipping times vary depending on the specific products selected.

To complete the fluid and air handling systems, MISUMI has also expanded its Sanitary Pipe Fittings and Accessories. Notable among these new product offerings are:

o Pipe Fittings, including elbow, double elbows and tees, in different types such as ferrule x welded, double ferrules, welded, double welded, arm lock coupling and cover caps.
o One-Touch Clamps, an innovative new design that reduces time to attach and detach clamp for easier installation, operation and maintenance. Special lever provides fixed tightening torque to enable secure attachment without damaging the gasket. The lack of cross threading results in greater durability compared with screw tightening types; and the lack of friction results in less metal powder for better sanitation.
o Sanitary Valves, in a variety of types, including butterfly valves, flange ball, standard ball and small diameter ball valves.
o Sight Glasses, both an in-line version to view fluid state inside glass pipes, and a view port version to view contents, such as tank fluid levels
o Tube Strainers, available in two types: Standard strainer connects in-line with plumbing to filter out foreign matter. L-Shaped type offers easy swap-out with existing elbow plumbing.
o Sanitary Pressure Gauges and Sanitary Cleaning Ball

For more information about MISUMI's entire line of Sanitary Pipes, Fittings and Accessories, visit us.misumi-ec.com.

About MISUMI USA, Inc.
Located in Schaumburg, Illinois, MISUMI USA, Inc. was established in 1988 as a Subsidiary of MISUMI Corporation, a part of the MISUMI Group (TOKYO: 9962). MISUMI USA, Inc. is a leading supplier of fixed and configurable components such as leader pins, single-axis actuators, linear shafts, slotted keys, aluminum extrusions, parting locks, linear guides, XY stages and other components for factory automation, plastic mold and press die industries. For a complete list of available components, please visit us.misumi-ec.com

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