Mississauga, Ontario- Gracious Living Innovations (GLI) Acquires Technology to Manufacture Laminated Panels

Gracious Living Innovations (GLI) recently acquired technology to manufacture laminated panels. The new in house process can laminate multiple layers of several materials as required for the particular application.

Examples of the process are products such as thermally insulated panels, as pictured above.  In this example the panel has a skin of our beautiful wood look material laminated to a plastic backing sheet, an EPS layer and an aluminum foils (these last two to provide thermal insulation). This is prefabricated to custom size.  This particular panel is used in portable hot tub construction.

Marcio Campos Business Development Manager – Custom Plastic Extrusions commented, "One great thing about this process for us is the ability to butt multiple slats of a given aesthetic profile together and make them a single wider/bigger surface panel. Since there is limit to the width of the profiles we can extrude, this can be interesting."

One application in outdoor furniture, for instance allows the fabrication of a full table top with a wood look finish. Another great advantage is that GLI can provide a great finish surface to a structurally sound part structure provided by the back layers.

Gracious Living Innovations (GLI) laminated panel production process has numerous applications in building and construction as well as industrial applications where a multilayer integrated material solution might be required. This new production process is fully installed and operating at the GLI facility outside of Toronto

About Gracious Living Innovations (GLI)

Gracious Living Innovations (GLI) has a history of helping our customers discover unique and innovative possibilities in plastic extrusion. We have over 35 years of experience in many markets where original design, custom engineering and value-added processing are  key. Our capabilities in custom plastic profile extrusion include the simple and complex, decorative and functional, working with a variety of thermoplastics.

As a Company, we have been instrumental in helping customers achieve market dominance through alternative designs and cost effective solutions with the use of plastics. As an innovator, we have also pioneered leading edge processes, the effect of which has created new and emerging markets.

We are part of the Gracious Living Group which is a fully integrated plastics processor with significant resources, financial stability and extensive buying power. The group includes one of Canada's largest Injection Moulding facilities which complement GLI's extrusion capabilities.

For more information on the Gracious Living Group please visit www.graciousliving.com.

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