Mining Equipment Monitor tracks ground engaging tools.

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Accommodating every digger type and mine condition, i-GET addresses problems that arise from ground engaging tools (GET). All data from encased micro-size sensor inside digger's hollowed GET is processed by software that issues real-time alert if tooth breaks off from digger. GET sensors can be read even when buried in ore, enabling second check point where haul trucks pass through fixed reader installation. Handheld readers let personnel locate missing GET in ore.

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Identec Solutions Bites into New Mining Solution

DALLAS -- IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, a member of IDENTEC GROUP, announced today a ground breaking addition to its mining solution portfolio. The newly released system, dubbed "i-GET" was developed to address both a safety and billion dollar mining industry challenge.

"Ensuring the safety of personnel while significantly enhancing operational visibility and control has been our mandate from the beginning," comments Frank Wehus, General Manager, Centre of Excellence, Oil & Gas, Tunnel & Mining. "It was obvious that the industry was in need of a highly reliable solution that was easily integrated while also ensuring absolutely no change to current site operations. Without question, i-GET is set to have a tremendous impact on ensuring the safety of personnel as well as in the prevention of production and material losses."

The i-GET solution essentially monitors the GET (also known as Ground Engaging Tools), the large, steel "teeth" that are affixed to the bucket of mining diggers. The GET are consumable wear components that are designed to penetrate the earth while also protecting the bucket hardware from damage. However, serious problems can arise when GET break off. In the event a GET contaminates a truck load of ore and is tipped into the crusher it can jam and significantly damage the crusher or be violently ejected and potentially injure onsite personnel. Extraction of a GET from a crusher is exceptionally dangerous, while the repair of damaged equipment can take days. Estimated to cost the mining industry between one to five percent of total production each year, broken GET are a multi-billion dollar problem.

To address this industry challenge, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, in partnership with Encore Automation, developed the world's first "intelligent GET" - a technological breakthrough in the real-time, wireless sensing of GET components.

"Broken GET are a massive global problem for the mining industry," states Ian Hamilton, Managing Director of Encore Automation. "Until now, there has not been an effective technology available that suits every digger type, operates under any mine conditions and is completely maintenance free. i-GET delivers all this, and benefits the miners with incredible safety, efficiency and productivity gains."

Inside each GET or "tooth" a small encased micro-size sensor is placed. Designed to fit easily into a digger's hollowed GET, the typical replacement of worn GET components requires absolutely no change to current procedures. Highly robust, further protection from extreme temperatures, pressure, shock and vibrations is assured by the sensors bullet proof encasing.

All sensed data is processed by the solutions i-GET software. In the event a tooth breaks off from the digger, the i-GET software issues a real-time alert via a visual cue to a screen in the digger operator's cabin as well as other infrastructure to inform management and operations of the event. Once the operator receives an alert, the digger with the damaged GET ceases work, the damaged GET is retrieved and mining operations recommence. For added assurance, GET sensors can be read even when buried in ore enabling a second check point where haul trucks pass through a fixed reader installation. Hand held readers allow personnel to locate missing GET in the ore.

The return on investment to a mine upon installation can usually be realized in a matter of days.

"Innovation is about constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible," comments Gerhard Schedler, President & CEO. "Ten, even five years ago we could not have imagined imbedding wireless- intelligence in a diggers GET, or on a bottle or boxes for real-time information on its content levels. We have only just begun to tap into the application possibilities of asset intelligence."


IDENTEC SOLUTIONS delivers innovative wireless sensor technology and systems that are helping transform the way business manages industrial processes and safeguards lives.

Committed to developing industry-leading, low power and long-range sensor based solutions, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' SensorSMART networks have been setting the industry standards since 1999. Currently deployed on every continent throughout the globe in the Oil & Gas, Tunnel & Mining, Marine & Intermodal industries as well as sought out by the world's leading system integrators and governments; IDENTEC SOLUTIONS patented technology is used to optimize productivity in some of the most challenging environments. For over 10 years, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has been deploying complete solutions for an impressive roster of clients including ConocoPhillips, Bechtel, US Department of Defense, Trafikverket, SVEA, LKAB and others. Robust, flexible and powerful IDENTEC SOLUTIONS technology delivers connectivity when other networks cannot.

An IDENTEC GROUP company, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is privately held, with its corporate office located in Lustenau, Austria, and North American headquarters in Dallas, Texas, along with service centers in Norway, Australia and Germany.

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IDENTEC GROUP, with global headquarters in Vaduz, Liechtenstein and US offices in Dallas, Texas, is a leading, advanced RFID solutions provider that capitalizes and grows companies in global business-to-business and business-to-consumer RFID markets. Recognized worldwide for their patented, award-winning RFID solutions in more than 16 different industries, IDENTEC GROUP member companies develop and market innovative RFID solutions that identify, measure, track, and trace assets and people across the value chain, delivering actionable information through the cloud. IDENTEC GROUP works with its member companies on issues ranging from capitalization and the development of business models and strategies to operations and shared technology, sourcing efficiencies, and mutual customer relationships.

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About Encore Automation

Encore Automation Pty Ltd is based in Perth, Australia, delivering industrial RFID and Gas Detection systems to Mining and Oil & Gas industries. Established in 1992, with a focus to develop and sell innovative products through strategic global partnerships.

i-GET is a core product innovation and partner collaboration using SensorSMART networks. With high level application knowledge and technical expertise, Encore Automation develops solutions to quickly and effectively meet the demands of industry. Providing smart sensor solutions for highly demanding applications ensures the right outcomes for improved safety, efficiency and productivity of industrial clients. Encore Automation Pty Ltd is a privately held company, for more information, visit

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