Miniature Vacuum Switches suit decentralized systems.

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Facilitating vacuum sensing in decentralized, ejector-based systems, VS4015/VS4016 (plastic) and VS4118/VS4128 (metal) pre-set digital output vacuum switches offer plug-and-play installation. Push-in or thread connections are available, and T-adapter enables multiple vacuum switches to be connected in series with one common output. Available with male-to-female M12 cable assemblies, metal versions feature a compact design with 90° angle swivel connection for facilitated installation.

Original Press Release:

Versatile Vacuum Switches that Make Sense

Miniature, low cost vacuum switches make perfect sense in decentralized vacuum systems

Hingham, MA – Specially designed to facilitate vacuum sensing in decentralized ejector based systems, Piab’s miniaturized vacuum switches VS4015/VS4016 and VS4118/VS4128 are growing increasingly popular because of their low cost, small size, low weight, and simple installation.

“These unique pre-set vacuum switches offer true plug & play installation, and have been specifically developed to help manufacturers to fully benefit from the advantages offered by decentralized vacuum systems based on for instance Piab’s compact air-driven vacuum ejectors – lower energy consumption, improved flow, better response times, simplified dimensioning, increased productivity, and much more,” says Josef Karbassi, Vice President of Piab’s Automation Division.

Available with either push-in or thread connections, the vacuum switches are extremely versatile and very easy to use in vacuum sensing applications. Also available is a T-adapter, enabling multiple vacuum switches to be connected in series with one common output. The durable, digital output vacuum switches are delivered pre-set, eliminating all risk of human error during installation or operation. They are offered in two different versions – the plastic VS4015/VS4016 and the metal VS4118/VS4128.

“The plastic version is ultra-lightweight and is suitable for, for example, very fast moving robotic applications where low weight is of critical importance. It is also very inexpensive compared with alternative solutions. The metal version is more robust, and has proved an instant hit within parts of the auto industry, where it is quickly becoming an industry standard,” explains Karbassi.

The metal vacuum switches are available with standard male-to-female M12 cable assemblies, a requirement within the auto industry. In addition, the metal version switches feature a compact design with a 90° angle swivel connection for easy installation.

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