Miniature Vacuum Pump offers drip control for dispensing.

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Ultra-miniature, air-powered venturi vacuum pump is suited for drip control in liquid dispensing or liquid transfer applications. Durable pump measures 1.25 in. long and features .56 in. OD with no moving parts. It is designed to operate at input pressures as low as 10 psi and generates vacuum levels from 5-27 in. Hg with maximum 0.45 scfm. Durable pumps can be manufactured in variety of materials for adverse operating conditions.

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Ultra-Miniature Venturi Vacuum Pump for Drip Control in Dispensing Applications

Vaccon Company, Inc. of Medway, Massachusetts offers an ultra-miniature, air-powered, venturi vacuum pump that is exceptionally lightweight, compact, and efficient. Designed to operate over a wide range of supply pressures, these pumps are ideal for drip control (suck back) in liquid dispensing or liquid transfer applications in medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, and assembly industries.

Weighing less than 1 oz., measuring 1.25" in length and .56" OD, these ultra-miniature vacuum pumps are quiet and can be located close to the work source or desk top for efficient use of space, rapid response and minimal air consumption. With no moving parts, the ultra-miniature venturi is a durable, reliable, and cost effective alternative to electric vacuum pumps, and provides constant vacuum flow rather than a fluctuating flow typically associated with diaphragm pumps.

Designed to operate at input pressures as low as 10 psi, Vaccon's ultra-miniature pumps generate vacuum levels from 5"Hg to 27"Hg with a maximum 0.45 SCFM. The ultra-miniature pumps can be manufactured in a variety of materials, making them ideal for use in adverse operating conditions.

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