Miniature Rotary Vane Pump with New Brushless Motor

Miniature rotary vane pumps are chosen wherever lowest pulsation and/or compact size in combination with high flow at lower pressure/vacuum is needed. Applications are various and can be found in medical, environmental and industrial applications, such as prevention of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) with a portable device, portable particle counters or marking and coding printers.

Forced by the cancellation of the previous BL-motor (ANR's 50130, 50149) the BL30 (brushless DC, size 30mm) motor, with easy speed control and great EMC - already proven in the Jade and 8003 series - was qualified with results superior to the previous model. A recent endurance test update showed impressive 10.000 hours of failure-free operation.

The new BL-G12/02-4 (ANR. 50180) is available from stock. Thanks to the modular design options like 24V instead of 12V, 8 vanes instead of 4 and two pump heads (G01 for reduced performance, G04 for increased performance) can be realized in case of demand.

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