Miniature Poppet Valves support flow rates to 100 Lpm.

Press Release Summary:

With switching rates from 2-6 msec, Type MH2 valve requires 24 Vdc power supply and is controlled directly via PLC 24 Vdc/1 A output. Pressure-relieved valve, offering continuous running operation, has operating pressure range of -0.9 to 8 bar. In addition to 3/2-way NC and NO and 5/2-way configurations, product supports 2/2-way NO or NC configuration by blanking off port 3. Working port sizes include M7, G 1/8, G 1/4, or QS4, 6 or 8.

Original Press Release:

Festo's Miniature Poppet Valves offer the Ultimate - High Flow Rate, Fast Switching Time and Compact Size

Festo's Type MH2 miniature, fast-switching valve is distinguished by its capability to provide a flow rate of 100 litres per minute while supporting extremely high switching rates (2 to 6 milliseconds). The poppet valve design is part of the reason that the MH2 exhibits high performance. With repetition accuracy, requiring 24 VDC power supply, the MH2 is ideal for fast-moving applications, such as ejection, sorting, adhesive-bonding, dosing, pharmaceutical packaging, handling, and also vacuum applications.

As a directly-controlled pressure-relieved valve with continuous running and three-shift operation, these valves can be controlled simply and directly via the 24 V DC/1A standard outputs of a PLC.

Due to the flexibility of the coil wire and air tubing connection scheme, the MH 2- can easily be retrofitted to existing systems or installed in new systems. In its sub-base configuration, the valve has very slim features, measuring only 10 millimetres wide, allowing highly compact assemblies. The valves are also available as pre-assembled fully-tested PRS manifolds with up to 10 valves on a 14mm grid.

The operating pressure range for the MH2 is -0.9 to 8 bar, with the capability to support 3/2-way normally closed and normally open, and 5/2-way configuration. A 2/2-way configuration, normally closed or normally open, can be made with no degradation in switching time, by blanking off port 3. The working port sizes include M7, G 1/8, G 1 / 4 or QS4, 6 or 8.

Design and installation time is reduced by special simulation software, which ensures precise and speedy dimensioning (Pro Pneu version 2.02). Installation times can also be greatly reduced by optional pre-assembled IP 65 cables with M8 and M12 plugs, or with plug pattern MCZ for the KMYZ-3-24...-B cable with a metric screw.

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