Miniature Drive performs precision motion control.

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Designed to embed motion control, drive, and PLC functionalities in dc and stepper motors as small as 62 x 42 x 20 mm, IPS210 fully digital minidrive is based on MotionChip(TM) DSP Control Technology and supports RS-232, CAN, and Ethernet communications. Intelligent universal drive is programmable through EasyMotion Studio software in stand-alone or multi-axis configurations. Motion programming can also be done via PC host using motion libraries or PLC using PLCopen libraries.

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Technosoft Minidrive Performs High Precision Motion Control

With the new IPS210 high precision, fully digital minidrive, Technosoft continues to expand its family of intelligent universal drives based on the MotionChip(TM) DSP Control Technology.

Designed to embed motion control, drive and PLC functionalities in an incredibly small single unit (62x42x20 mm) this minidrive is easy to integrate in motion control applications where space is critical.

IPS210 controls DC and stepper motors up to 2x12 W (24 V, 0.5 A) with very low inductance, in open or closed loop modes. A single power supply is used for both logic and motor.

Its embedded motion controller uses the same high-level motion language for both DC and stepper motors, which makes motor technology differences transparent for the engineers. Complex movement sequences can be programmed directly on the drive while system control functions can be handled from the supervising PC.

IPS210 is programmable through the EasyMotion Studio software, with Technosoft Motion Language (TML) and graphical tools, in stand-alone or multi-axis configurations. Motion programming can also be done via a PC host using motion libraries (C, VB, Delphi, Labview), or a PLC using PLCopen libraries.

Various motion modes including torque, speed or position control, contouring, profiling, gearing, electronic camming and PVT are easily programmed and monitored through typical feedback devices like tacho and/or incremental encoders.

The industry standard interfaces RS-232 and CAN are at hand as communication options. An external adapter can be used for Ethernet communication.

Ease of implementation and miniature size makes Technosoft IPS210 the ideal solution for modern motion axis control applications suited for virtually all high precision areas, from medical to factory automation.

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