Miniature DC Motors are 16mm in diameter.

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16G88 Series DC ironless-rotor motors have continuous power rating of 4.5 W. They are available with choice of 6 windings for supply voltage from 3 to 24 V. Maximum recommended shaft speed is 12,000 rpm, and typical maximum continuous output torque is 5 mNm. All incorporate precious metal commutators and sleeve bearings. Matching 16mm dia planetary and spur gearheads are available with ratios ranging from 4:1 to 4,000:1.

Original Press Release:

Sweet Little Sixteen

AMHERST, NY - Danaher Motion's miniature motor company, Portescap, announces the immediate availability of their new 16 mm diameter DC ironless-rotor motors, the 16G88series.

With a power rating of 4.5 W continuous, these tiny 16 mm diameter motors have performance equivalent to larger 22 mm motors in many applications. As a result, equipment designers now
have new options in miniaturizing medical power tools, robotic end-effectors, and similar motorized devices where power-to-size ratio is all-important.

This remarkable reduction in motor size was achieved by Portescap without performance compromises. In fact, the 16G88's ironless-rotor (so-called coreless) construction means greater acceleration than conventional DC motors and no magnetic cogging, even when running at creep speeds. Further, absence of magnetic saturation effects means these motors can be driven to high peak torque levels without power-wasting iron losses.

Standard 16G88 motors are available with a choice of six windings for supply voltages from 3 V to 24 V, but custom versions for other voltages can be supplied to order. Maximum
recommended shaft speed is 12,000 rpm, and typical maximum continuous output torque is 5 mNm. All models incorporate long-life precious metal commutators and high reliability sleeve
bearings. Ball bearing versions are available for especially demanding applications.

Portescap offers an array of matching 16 mm diameter planetary and spur gearheads for the 16G88 with ratios ranging from 4:1 to 4,000:1. Custom gearheads are also available for special needs.

Portescap is a member of the Motion Components Division of the Danaher Motion Control Group, a strategic business platform of the Danaher Corporation (DHR, NYSE, Washington, D.C.).

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