Mini Clutches use curved armature springs.

Press Release Summary:

Available with or without ball bearings, Series MC5 incorporates zero backlash curved armature springs, which allow for force to be transmitted across arc of spring. Ball bearing units can operate up to 3,600 rpm, but higher speed modifications are possible. Available in 4.7 and 9 lb-in. torque options, clutches come standard with UL/CSA certified lead wires and are RoHS compliant.

Original Press Release:

Ogura Mini's Clutch Uses Curved Springs

The new MC5 mini clutch from Ogura Industrial Corporation incorporates zero back lash curved armature springs. The curved armature spring design allows for force to be transmitted across the arc of the spring. This allows greater armature travel while keeping a smaller attachment diameter verses a straight leaf spring design. This smaller diameter allows customers to use smaller gears or pulleys in their application without having to go to an intermediate adaptor flange.

The MC5's are available either with or without ball bearings depending upon application speed and vibration requirements. Clutches are available in two torque options of 4.5 in. lbs and 9 in. lbs. The ball bearing units can operate up to 3,600 RPM but higher speed modifications are possible. Clutches come standard with lead wires that are UL/CSA certified and both sizes are RoHS compliant.

Theses clutches are only a small part of over 3,000 different clutch models that Ogura has available. If this clutch does not meet your needs please contact us at 732-271-7361 and we will assist you in finding one that does or if you prefer please visit our website at for immediate information. Ogura Industrial Corporation, Somerset, NJ

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