Mini Ceramic Shear Accelerometer operates from -75 to 180°C.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring low base strain sensitivity, single-axis Type 8278A500sp utilizes annular shear Piezo-ceramic element and hard anodized aluminum housing providing 10 kHz frequency response. Adhesive mounted unit offers measurement solution for lightweight structures providing minimum mass loading. Integral ground isolation eliminates ground loops, which degrade signal quality, and provides signal integrity in electrically noisy environments.

Original Press Release:

Mini Ceramic Shear Accelerometer Type 8278A...

The Type 8278A500sp... is a new miniature, high temperature, high impedance single axis
Accelerometer. This low mass accelerometer features low base strain sensitivity, high shock survivability, factory replaceable cable and integral ground isolation. The sensor construction utilizes an annular shear Piezo-ceramic element and hard anodized aluminum housing providing 10 KHz frequency response and 1,3 pC/g sensitivity.

o Low base strain sensitivity
o Low mass
o Wide operating temperature: -75 ... 180 °C
o High, 10 000 Hz (±5 %) frequency response
o Ground isolated
o High shock survivability, 10 000 g
o Variable length coaxial cable available
o Factory replaceable cable

This high temperature piezoelectric accelerometer provides measurement solutions for lightweight structures providing minimum mass loading. The adhesively mounted accelerometer is removed with the supplied wrench to reduce the possibility of improper removal, potentially damaging the sensor. Integral ground isolation provides signal integrity in electrically noisy environments as well as eliminating ground loops which degrade signal quality. As a high impedance accelerometer, the Type 8278A... output range is easily scaled with external electronics. The Type 8278A500sp... has a unique cable to sensor connection that provides reliable electrical connections in shock and vibration environments while allowing quick and cost effective cable replacement at the factory. Target applications include product qualification/acceptance testing and aviation/automotive structural analysis.
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