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Mineral Identification Software supports batch processing.

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May 15, 2014 - Running on oreXpress™ portable spectrometer, EZ-ID Software enables accurate mineral identification in field. Program matches unknown mineral against know spectral library such as USGS or SpecMIN. With batch processing feature, geologists can save scan files in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format, comma separated file, or tab delimited text file. EZ-ID software delivers real-time mineral identification for outcrops, in pits, with hand samples, and is especially useful in core logging applications.

Original Press Release

EZ-ID(TM) Real-time Mineral Identification Software Now Includes Batch Processing Capability

Press release date: May 07, 2014

Comparison plot, information, and bibliography for SpecMIN™ also included in update.

Lawrence, MA – EZ-ID software running on an oreXpress™ portable spectrometer is an ideal solution for fast, easy, and accurate mineral identification in the field. EZ-ID matches your unknown mineral against a known spectral library with the USGS and SpecMIN libraries available. Now, EZ-ID features a new batch mode capability. The batch processing feature allows geologists to save their scan files in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format, a comma separated file, or a tab delimited text file. Batch processing is frequently used to format scans for use with other 3rd party mining software, for example, geological modeling or mine planning.

By default, the output file will show the mineral matches for the spectra with the five highest match scores. Or, you can set-up the output to specify the number of scores selected and a minimum score threshold.

The results are output in the format you select.

In addition to batch processing, EZ-ID with the SpecMIN library now includes enhanced access to mineral information and bibliography features.

SpecMIN includes an extensive and dynamic library of nearly 4,000 spectra of common and rare species. In addition to the spectra, EZ-ID now provides one click access for each mineral to information on physical properties, occurrences, chemistry (including formulas), and associations. You can also access bibliographic references from the main EZ-ID screen.

EZ-ID software delivers real time mineral identification for outcrops, in pits, with hand samples, and is especially useful in fast and accurate core logging applications. EZ-ID features:

• Fast and accurate identification of an unknown mineral to a known library sample
• Easy to use – just collect a target scan using the oreXpress spectrometer and see immediate match results in real time
• Simple, consistent user interface
• USGS library included, SpecMIN available, works with other commercially available libraries
• Include or exclude spectral regions of interest for optimal results
• Fast scanning for optimum field work or core shack logging
• Batch processing mode for saving scans

With our Custom Library Builder software module, EZ-ID allows you to scan known samples and quickly build a custom library for a particular project, mineral, location, and more. You can select pre-defined metadata fields or define your own.

The combination of EZ-ID software and the oreXpress field portable spectrometer for mining offer geologists a complete mineral identification system to improve mining exploration.

The oreXpress spectrometer with companion GETAC PS336 handheld microcomputer features:
• 350-2500nm spectral range
• Auto dark shutter and autoexposure for easy, one-touch scanning
• No optimization required to start scanning – get to work as soon as you hit the field
• With the GETAC PS336, easily tag spectra with images from the auto-focus digital camera, e-compass, altimeter, GPS data, and voice notes
• GETAC sunlight readable VGA display
• Mineral contact probe with metal-clad fiber optic cable
• Lightweight LI-ion batteries for power in the field
• Accessories include core shack fold-up field cart and benchtop reflectance probe

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Established in 2004, SPECTRAL EVOLUTION is a leading manufacturer of laboratory and handheld portable spectrometers, spectroradiometers and spectrophotometers.  SPECTRAL EVOLUTION spectrometers are used worldwide for many mission-critical lab and field applications in mining, remote sensing, vegetative studies, ground truthing, environmental and climate studies, developing satellite calibrations, and more, due to their reliable, robust, rugged design and user-friendly one-touch features. 

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION maintains a facility in Lawrence, Massachusetts which houses design, prototyping, manufacturing and service facilities for the instruments that it markets and sells worldwide, either through direct sales, OEM sales or through distributor agents. EZ-ID and oreXpress are trademarks of SPECTRAL EVOLUTION.

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