Milwaukee Introduces New M12 HACKZALL(TM) Blades

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation introduces M12 HACKZALL(TM) Blades, a line of cordless reciprocating saw blades optimized for the new HACKZALL(TM) Reciprocating Saw. HACKZALL(TM) Blades deliver up to 35% more cuts per charge than leading reciprocating saw blades and are ideal for a variety of HVAC, electrical, plumbing and maintenance/repair applications.

Milwaukee HACKZALL(TM) Blades combine an aggressive cutting angle, deep gullets and precision-ground tooth geometry for faster cutting. The thin kerf design reduces the amount of drag and resistance while cutting, resulting in up to 35% more cuts per battery charge compared to leading reciprocating saw blades. The short length of HACKZALL(TM) Blades makes it easier for users to cut in the confined spaces where the HACKZALL(TM) Reciprocating Saw excels and helps deliver accurate cuts with reduced bending and breaking. Milwaukee HACKZALL(TM) Blades feature a Matrix II bi-metal construction for longer life and greater tooth durability.

As a market leading manufacturer of the SAWZALL® brand reciprocating saw blades, Milwaukee has a long history of innovation. Products like The Ax®, The Torch®, and The Wrecker® Demolition Blades as well as the new cryogenically treated Ice Hardened(TM) SAWZALL® Blades have raised users' expectations of blade performance. Following in this tradition of innovation, The HACKZALL(TM) tool and blade system will change the way users approach applications traditionally reserved for hand tools.

The 2420 HACKZALL(TM) Reciprocating Saw is a compact, lightweight saw designed for powerful, versatile cutting in tight spaces for virtually all professionals as they tackle plumbing, electrical, remodeling and HVAC applications. The lightweight design offers less user fatigue as well as one-handed operation.

Milwaukee offers 10 different application based HACKZALL(TM) Blades for cutting wood, plaster, PVC, EMT, duct, fiberglass, and scroll cutting in wood and metal. HACKZALL(TM) Blades are also available in a 10 piece set.

Key Features

Thin kerf for up to 35% more cuts per charge

Short blade length for tight spaces

Bi-Metal construction for long life and increased tooth durability

Model Number Description Qty. Pkg. Length
49-00-5400 HACKZALL(TM) Blade Fiberglass 3 4"
49-00-5460 HACKZALL(TM) Blade Wood 5 4"
49-00-5461 HACKZALL(TM) Blade Plaster 5 4"
49-00-5410 HACKZALL(TM) Blade Multi-Material 5 4"
49-00-5310 HACKZALL(TM) Blade Wood Scroll 5 3.5"
49-00-5324 HACKZALL(TM) Blade Metal Scroll 5 3.5"
49-00-5414 HACKZALL(TM) Blade PVC Short 5 4"
49-00-5614 HACKZALL(TM) Blade PVC Long 5 6"
49-00-5418 HACKZALL(TM) Blade EMT 5 4"
49-00-5424 HACKZALL(TM) Blade Duct 5 4"
49-22-0220 HACKZALL(TM) Blade 10pc Set 10

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