Miller to Showcase New Welding Equipment, Technologies and Accessories at FABTECH 2010

Market-segmented booth (#6811, Hall C) matches welding solutions to specific applications and industries. New products and technologies increase ease-of-use, reduce operator fatigue and improve weld quality and operator safety.

Highlights/Key Facts

o FILTAIR(TM) SWX-Series wall-mounted fume extractors reduce shop floor clutter while removing over 95 percent of weld fume particulates.
o Big Blue® 400 Eco Pro welder generator reduces fuel use and is 44-percent smaller/41-percent lighter than models with similar output.
o Titanium(TM) Series helmets provide exceptional durability and offer a wide range of features for industrial applications.
o Two new XR(TM) Control wire feeders provide upgraded point-of-use functionality for basic to the most advanced aluminum MIG applications.
o Revolutionary new WeldX(TM) apparel combines lightweight and breathe-ability with exceptional flame resistance and durability.
o The Dimension(TM) NT 450 WCC increases productivity and safety with point-of-use weld voltage control, eliminating trips to the power source to adjust settings.
o Presentation by Brent Williams, Miller marketing manager and welding engineer, on the benefits of TIG inverter technology in aircraft engine and component repair

APPLETON, Wis., Sept. 15, 2010-Miller Electric Mfg. Co. will showcase a wide range of new and popular welding products, technologies and safety accessories at the FABTECH 2010 show at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, November 2 - 4. Miller's booth this year (#6811 in Hall C) will provide attendees with product selection clarity by featuring market specific solutions designed to address the specific needs and challenges of the manufacturing, fabrication, shipbuilding, construction and commercial welding markets.

o FILTAIR(TM) SWX-Series wall-mounted fume extractor
o Big Blue® 400 Eco Pro welder generator
o Titanium(TM) Series heavy-duty welding helmets
o XR(TM) Control push-pull wire feeders
o WeldX(TM) protective apparel
o Dimension(TM) NT 450 WCC

In addition those listed above, Miller will be unveiling several new products and technologies that increase welding productivity, reduce weld costs and improve application adaptability.

Miller's TIG Solutions Marketing Manager, Brent Williams, will also be giving a presentation on the benefits of TIG inverter technology, and the advanced arc controls it offers, as it relates to aircraft engines and components. The presentation will take place from 4:05 p.m. to 4:40 p.m. on Wednesday, November 3.

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Miller's new FILTAIR(TM) SWX Series of space-saving wall-mounted welding fume extractors, are available in either the self-cleaning SWX-S model or the disposable filter SWX-D model. SWX-Series extractors can be fastened to a variety of wall surfaces, allowing companies to improve air quality and protect employees without cluttering their shop floors.

Like the mobile FILTAIR(TM) MWX Series, the SWX-Series uses surface-loading nanofiber filters designed specifically to capture the 95 percent of sub-micron particles found in welding fumes, including hexavalent chromium and manganese. Because the nanofiber filters are "surface-loading," they offer more holding capacity and less pressure drop than competitive, "depth-loading" fume filters.

The SWX-S and SWX-D provide 875 CFM (cubic feet per minute) airflow for excellent fume removal up to the maximum recommended hood distance of 14 in. from the welding arc. Designed for heavy-duty industrial use, both models are suitable for continuous filtration of Stick, flux-cored, MIG and TIG fumes. For added application flexibility, both SWX models are available with one or two extraction arms that come in lengths of 7, 10 or 12 ft.

Big Blue 400 Eco Pro
For pipe welding, structural steel, fabrication, field maintenance and repair applications, the new Big Blue® 400 Eco Pro welder generator reduces fuel use up to 25 percent and is 44-percent smaller/41-percent lighter than other models with similar output.

Providing Stick, TIG, MIG, FCAW and CAC-A processes, the Big Blue 400 Eco Pro offers 5,500 watts of peak power - plenty to run lights, grinders and many electrical tools. Its Mitsubishi S4L2 Tier 4i compliant diesel engine is designed to run 10,000 hours before a major overhaul and produces 50-percent less noise than previous models.

Taking into account average diesel costs of $4.00/gallon and the habits of a typical user - 50 percent idle time, 40 percent at 150 amps, and 10 percent at 400 amps - a welder can save up to $1,990/year per machine in fuel costs without sacrificing performance.

Titanium Series Helmets
Miller's new Titanium(TM) Series offers a comprehensive choice of helmets to meet the daily demands of industrial welding applications. From standard passive to auto-darkening helmets, with one model featuring an integrated grinding shield, the Titanium Series redefines industrial welding protection through optimal comfort and performance.

Designed for industrial protection, performance and comfort, the Titanium Series is built upon a shell design that is lightweight for extended wear, provides excellent skin coverage, reflects radiant heat and features a quick-release front cover lens to reduce welder downtime.

The Titanium Series is available in three auto-darkening models, featuring auto-on/auto-off, grind mode, independent arc sensors, excellent low-amperage TIG performance (5 amps), magnifying lens holder and they all meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 (High Impact) standards. Also available is a shade #10 passive lens model that features a large, 16-sq.-in. lens.

XR-S/D Controls
Miller's new XR(TM)-S Control and XR(TM)-D Control push-pull wire feeders feature upgraded point-of-use functionality and performance for a wide variety of aluminum MIG, Pulsed MIG and extended reach welding applications.

Weighing under 43 lbs., the XR-S and XR-D Controls provide a highly portable solution for working up to 135 ft. from the welding power source. An A/C variable speed, high-torque "push" motor responds in real time to the gun-mounted DC "pull" motor to provide true push-pull performance. This allows the welding wire to overcome bends and extreme angles when working in and around large weldments.

The XR-S Control provides a simple, intuitive design and basic functionality, featuring adjustable run-in, pre- and post-flow options and a digital wire feed speed display that allows the user to easily see and adjust wire feed speed with the turn of a dial.

For more advanced applications and increased point-of-use adjustability, the XR-D Control offers remote voltage control, programmable pre- and post-flow and manual start and crater control options.

For the ultimate in aluminum MIG welding technology, Miller offers its Aluma-Feed Synergic Aluminum Welding System, featuring built-in Pulsed MIG programs that set the optimal parameters for the most commonly used aluminum alloys. The Aluma-Feed's synergic welding mode provides the simplicity of single knob control by automatically choosing the correct voltage and amperage when the welder selects the desired wire feed speed.

WeldX Apparel
Miller's exclusive new WeldX(TM) line of welding safety apparel uses a revolutionary new material that provides exceptional flame and spatter resistance and is 60 percent lighter than leather, resulting in reduced heat stress and operator fatigue.

Originally designed for military applications, the WeldX fabric uses a patented carbonized acrylic base fabric that is then strengthened for durability and treated with a compound that causes weld spatter and sparks to literally "roll off" the material upon contact.

Unlike leather, the WeldX fabric is easily washable and is guaranteed to retain its flame resistant qualities for the life of the garment.

Only available from Miller, the WeldX line of safety apparel includes traditional welding jackets, 1/2 length sleeves, aprons and cape sleeves with an optional bib.

Dimension 452 WCC
Ideal for shipbuilding, marine repair and other applications where the power source and wire feeder are separated by up to hundreds of feet, the new Dimension(TM) NT 450 WCC multi-process welding system saves time and increases safety by reducing trips to the power source for parameter adjustment. It also reduces weld quality problems caused by "working around" improper parameter settings, and eliminates control cable set up, maintenance and repair costs.

Using the built-in WCC (Weld Control Cable) feature and a WCC-enabled voltage sensing wire feeder, welding operators can control voltage at the wire feeder, eliminating the need to travel to the power source for parameter adjustments. And, fewer trips to the power source means fewer potential accidents along the way.

Further, because they can control parameters at the wire feeder, operators are less likely to attempt to "weld through" improper settings, a practice that often results in structural and visual weld defects.

By eliminating the need for control cables the WCC feature reduces the time and expense associated with purchasing, repairing and maintaining control cables.

The Dimension NT 450 WCC's Ez-Bind feature guarantees remote control operation with multiple power sources connected to the same workpiece.

About Miller
Miller Electric Mfg. Co., headquartered in Appleton, Wis., is a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller brand arc welding equipment and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (NYSE: ITW).

For more information, visit Miller's Web site at, call 1-800-4-A-Miller (800-426-4553), e-mail, fax 877-327-8132, or write to Miller Electric Mfg. Co., P.O. Box 100, Lithonia, GA 30058.

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