Miller DuraHoist(TM) Safety Systems Offer Safety Solutions for Confined Space/Rescue/Fall Arrest

Modular, Lightweight and Portable Designs

Miller DuraHoist(TM) Safety Systems, from Miller® Fall Protection, offer a complete line of components for confined space entry/retrieval, rescue, positioning and personnel/material handling, as well as fall arrest. Constructed of high-strength aluminum, Miller DuraHoist Systems are modular in design and feature lightweight aluminum construction, a variety of portable and fixed bases, and storage bags for easy transport.

Available in two (2) basic design configurations, Miller DuraHoist Systems feature a Portable Confined Space System or a Portable Fall Arrest Post with Accessories.

Miller DuraHoist Portable Confined Space System

o Designed for confined space manhole entry/retrieval and fall arrest.

o Modular design allows the use of components in various configurations and applications.

o Multiple winches and/or self-retracting lifeline systems may be mounted as required.

o Lightweight, manageable components for easy storage, transport and set-up.

o No tools required for assembly.

Suggested Applications:

- Public Utilities - vault and manhole entry, pump/lift/valve stations, water treatment and wastewater industries

- General Industry (Food, Chemical, Pulp & Paper) - elevated manholes, storage tanks, platforms/mezzanines, underground vaults, clarifier tanks, preheaters

Miller DuraHoist Portable Fall Arrest Post & Accessories

o Provides three (3) independent swivel tie-off points for fall arrest anchorage.

o 3-stage/4-position telescoping design.

o Built-in leveling capability allows system to be plumbed to vertical on inclines up to 15 degrees.

o Provides horizontal lifeline capabilities.

Suggested Applications:

- Electrical transformers, leading-edge deck work, confined space and rescue, industrial presses, bridge cranes, large cranes, limited horizontal lifelines

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