Millennium Group Integrates Access Control with SALTO Systems

The Millennium Group of Natick, MA is pleased to announce the release of a powerful integration between SALTO SYSTEMS access control solution of SALTO XS4SVN offline electronic RFID locks and Millennium full featured Access Control Command Software.

Millennium Access Control has more than 50 years of access control experience, and is a part of the Millennium Group of companies which includes Synergistics Premier Banking and Synergistics Access Control.

The SALTO XS4 SVN offline/wireless communicating locks offer the security and convenience of electronic access control tailored for locations not requiring fully networked systems. Furthermore, full integration with Millennium lets staff manage online and offline locks efficiently within a single application, rather than requiring them to work in multiple programs.

The SALTO integration with Millennium lets the users leverage their existing investment to take advantage of a very secure solution without the expense of a traditional online reader," says Greg Goldman CEO of the Millennium Group. "The credential-on-card technology eliminates the need to visit a door to add or change users, and individual departments can grant access to their readers, reducing the work load of the administrator."

Goldman states that this new integration will enable customers a clear choice of RFID locksets to be fully managed and integrated with the Millennium access systems at a price point meeting the most stringent of budgets.

"SALTO and Millennium Group have a very special collaborative relationship that started a year ago," says Michael J. Mahon, Senior Vice President, SALTO SYSTEMS. "The relationship is at all levels within our organizations - from software development to engineering, sales, and marketing. We look forward to an even greater collaboration in the future as we explore together different technologies that enhance the security market for colleges, universities, health care, and all commercial application experiences while providing safety and security to users."

Based in Atlanta, GA with headquarters in Europe, SALTO Systems was established in 2000. SALTO security products such as the SALTO Virtual Network has accelerated the company's growth and has become the access option of choice on more than 1 million doors in 70 countries. Customer markets include universities and schools, airports, hospitals, government buildings, corporate headquarters and hotels.

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For additional information from the Millennium Group visit; Phone: 1-866-455-5222.

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