Mill-Turning Center may be equipped with 2, 3, or 4 turrets.

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Featuring identical 37.5/32.2 hp main and counterspindles, Traub TNX65/42 Mill-Turning Center machines complex parts from bar diameters up to 2.60 in. and lengths up to 11.8 in. In addition to holding 10 live or fixed tools, each turret can travel 6.9 in. in X direction, 25.6 in. in Z direction, and optionally 1.57 in. in Y direction. Traub TNX65/42 can perform 2 dissimilar machining operations simultaneously, as well as keyway milling, off-center drilling, and side face milling.

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INDEX Unveils New Mill-Turning Centers at PMTS

The new Traub TNX65/42 turn-mill centers will debut at the INDEX Traub booth at PMTS in Columbus, OH April 24-26, 2007, Booth 401. The new machine series is designed to machine complex parts from bar diameters to 65mm (2.60 in.) and a length of up to 300mm (11.8 in.) at costs that are globally competitive.

The modular design machine includes identical 37.5/32.2 HP (28kW/24kW) main and counterspindles and may be equipped with two, three or four turrets, each capable of holding 10 live or fixed tools, and each of which can travel in X and Z direction 175mm (6.9 in.) and 650mm (25.6 in.), and optionally +/- 40mm (1.57 in.) in the Y direction. Up to 80 tools can be accommodated using double tool holders, reducing setup times even further for complex parts processes.

For the first time Traub offers unsurpassed simultaneous use of four tool carriers --/ four tools in cut--/ plus main and counterspindle in combination with powerful tool drives (7.4 HP/5.52 kW, 6,000 RPM) permits extremely productive, diverse machining processes in a single setup. In fact, the new TNX65/42 machines reach cycle times typical of multi-spindle automatics. According to the company, the machines are ideal for producing parts in a range of lot sizes for hydraulics, medical technology, the automotive industry and in general machining.

Balanced turning of shaft-type workpieces or two dissimilar machining operations performed at the same time are key advantages of twin-turret turning. Efficient keyway milling, off-center drilling, side face milling and similar operations are performed easily. Because complex components can be completed in one setup, users will see less work-in-progress, shorter lead times, zero fixture costs and reduced labor.

Symmetrically designed to assure thermo- stability,, the machine turrets are arranged on independent slides above and below the spindle centerline. The headstock is thermo-symmetrical and the synchronous, C-axis motor-spindles are identically rated at 32 HP/24 kW / 5,000 rpm for the 65 mm bar capacity machine and 37.5/28 kW / 7,000 rpm for the 42 mm bar model. Hybrid bearings are fitted as standard for long service life.
The TNX65/42 is constructed on a heavily ribbed, cast iron 60-degree slant bed that dampens vibrations and promotes close tolerance machining, and permits free chip fall and good accessibility. Handling of the workpieces (loading and unloading, removal of bar remnants) is completely automated.

The control is the Traub TX8i-s running Traub's in-house developed software. The software can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the customer or application. It is backwardly compatible, allowing programs to be run that were created on earlier controls. INDEX Traub's 3D Win Flex(TM) process simulation shortens set-up time and prevents collisions permitting first parts to be good parts. On-line and off-line programming with powerful synchronization and optimization of up to four machining sequences can be provided.

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