Mill Accessory can transform any CNC mill into CNC lathe.

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With space saving Duality Lathe, parts can be both CNC turned and milled in single setup. When mounted on PCNC 1100 mill, accessory can be used for milling operations such as flats, cross drilling, slotting, and contouring, and, when mounted on bench top, Duality Lathe is used in manual mode, eliminating need for separate manual lathe. It includes quick change tool system, dedicated lathe control software, operating manual, and programming wizards.

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Tormach Introduces CNC Lathe as Mill Accessory

Patented low cost accessory transforms CNC mill into a CNC lathe

Waunakee, WI, July 11, 2008 - Tormach LLC, innovators of CNC technology, announced today the introduction of the Duality Lathe. The patented lathe design, in combination with Tormach's CNC mill, provides CNC lathe functionality for less than $1150.

The Duality Lathe is an entirely new concept in CNC mill accessories. With this integrated space saving lathe a part can be both CNC turned and milled in a single setup. When mounted on a PCNC 1100 mill this accessory can be used to not only turn your parts but also do milling operations such as flats, cross drilling, slotting and contouring. When mounted on your bench top the Duality Lathe is used in manual mode eliminating the need for a separate manual lathe.

Mounted to the table of Tormach's PCNC 1100 mill, the Duality Lathe becomes a CNC lathe. Mounting the lathe is as simple as mounting a machine vise. Two cables, a power cable and a signal cable, provide integration of the mill and lathe control systems. The combined system offers CNC turning, cut-off, boring, drilling, and threading. The Duality lathe includes a quick change tool system, dedicated lathe control software, and an extensive operating manual. Programming wizards allow complicated parts to be created without CAM software. The Duality Lathe also includes spindle clamp and index wheel, allowing milling operations to be performed on parts while they are still mounted in the lathe chuck.

"With this invention we are enabling our customers to leverage their investment in a CNC mill by providing CNC lathe capacities for a fraction of what it would normally cost." says Tormach CEO Greg Jackson. "The Duality Lathe is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs, researchers, inventors and educators, where shops have limited budgets and only occasional need for a CNC lathe."

About Tormach:
Tormach manufactures CNC machinery and accessories designed specifically to address the needs of entrepreneurs, research, development, education, small business, and home shop machinists. Tormach industrial equipment is easier to use and lower in cost than conventional equipment and is particularly well suited to prototypes, secondary operations, and short run manufacturing.

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