Milk Analyzer processes up to 150 samples/hr.

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Incorporating mid-infrared technology, which is recognized worldwide by IDF and AOAC, LactoScope(TM) C3+/C4+ is suited for milk and cheese processors that require dairy component analysis. Through access to specific software applications, users can analyze fat, protein, and total solids, and with full C4+ software access, ability to analyze lactose is added. Instrument includes auto-cleaning and sample heating capabilities, as well as freezing-point depression option.

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Advanced Instruments Introduces the LactoScope C3+/C4+ Milk Analyzer at IDS Show

DALLAS, -- Advanced Instruments, Inc., introduced the Delta Instruments LactoScope(TM) C3+/ C4+ milk analyzer today at the International Dairy Show. The new instrument is ideal for milk and cheese processors that require highly cost-effective dairy component analysis. The instrument incorporates mid-infrared (MIR) technology recognized worldwide by the IDF and AOAC as a standard method of analysis.

The LactoScope's mid infrared filter can measure specific bandwidths for the most commonly measured dairy components in milk. Through access to specific software applications, dairy processors using LactoScope C3+ can analyze fat, protein, and total solids, and with full C4+ software access, the capability to analyze lactose is added. A Cheese Application instrument can be used with the Lactoscope to perform the same types of component analysis with cheese.

"These economical new versions of our industry-leading LactoScope analyzer are specifically designed for processors desiring fast, reliable, and accurate measurement of raw milk, cream, whey, and other fluid dairy products. Their easy operation and quick setup provide quality managers with the perfect tools for milk and cream standardization," said Peter Costas, vice president of sales and marketing at Advanced Instruments.

The instruments process up to 150 samples per hour, offer auto-cleaning and sample heating capabilities, and can be ordered with a freezing-point depression option.

The Delta Instruments LactoScope C3+/C4+ is now available for immediate shipment. For instrument specifications and additional information, visit or call 800.225.4034 or +1 781.320.9000.

SomaScope Smart Makes First IDS Appearance

The Advanced Instruments exhibit also featured the new Delta Instruments SomaScope(TM) Smart somatic cell counter. The instrument recently received approval for sale in the U.S. from the Lab Committee of the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS) as the industry's first somatic cell counter to feature light emitting diodes (LED)as its light source.

"The SomaScope Smart delivers fast, accurate measurements with unprecedented ease of use and low cost of ownership combining the latest in flow cytometer and LED technology," said Costas. "Its use of an LED instead of an HBO lamp to illuminate and detect the sample's stained cells means there is no waiting for lamp warmup, which wastes operator time, and no light-source hot spots, which can cause cell count issues."

The system was designed for use by dairy processors, payment laboratories, veterinary laboratories, and dairy herd improvement (DHI) laboratories, providing analysis for somatic cells in cow, sheep, goat, buffalo, and camel milk.

The Delta Instruments SomaScope Smart is ready for immediate shipment. More information is available at

Advanced Instruments is exhibiting its entire suite of dairy lab products at the International Dairy Show, Booth 439, including the Advanced® Model 4250 Cryoscope, Fluorophos® ALP Test System, and CryoLineTM Cryoscope supplies; Spiral Biotech QCount® Colony Counter and Autoplate® Spiral Plating System; and D & F Controls milk preservatives.

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