Migration Solution focuses on ADABAS/Natural applications.

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ADABAS/Natural conversion solution, based on DB-Shuttle(TM) automation technology, enables organizations to migrate ADABAS databases and Natural applications to relational databases such as DB2, Oracle, or SQL Server. Able to convert Natural to COBOL, C#, or VB.NET, product offering provides clients with functionally equivalent, seamlessly integrated applications. Web capability promotes business agility and SOA-enabled applications.

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ATERAS Announces ADABAS/Natural Migration Strategy to DB2, Oracle, SQL Server/COBOL, C# & VB.NET

DALLAS, March 29 - ATERAS, a leading provider of fully automated legacy migration and modernization solutions, today announced its ADABAS/Natural conversion solution strategy that will enable organizations to migrate ADABAS databases and Natural applications to relational databases such as DB2, Oracle, or SQL Server using its automation technology DB-Shuttle(TM). Natural can be converted to COBOL, C# or VB.NET. The ADABAS/Natural conversion solution product offering helps organizations automatically migrate applications to modern, open technologies and database management systems. When an ADABAS/Natural migration is complete, a client will have functionally equivalent, seamlessly integrated applications, with Web capability that provides a reduced cost structure, improved business agility and applications that are SOA enabled and able to take advantage of new technical capabilities.

The ADABAS/Natural conversion solution product is another component in the overall DB-Shuttle Strategy, which includes: comprehensive IT assessments, database and data migrations and application migrations. The ATERAS solution ensures that the migration of ADABAS/Natural will be completed in a timely, cost effective and low risk manner. Our solution includes no system level software, no "black box" processing, no perpetuation of ADABAS, no additional execution overhead, no functional changes from an end-user perspective, and no license fees. The ATERAS solution provides for the complete replacement of ADABAS/Natural to newer relational technology databases and newer robust languages using highly automated tools and a comprehensive, streamlined and very mature process. The ADABAS/Natural conversion solution is designed to maintain comparable or improved application response times of the converted applications in the target environment and to ensure scalability, reliability and performance. The resulting conversion solution is a 3-tier architecture consisting of a User Interface Layer, Business Layer and Data Access Layer for each converted program.

"Providing an ADABAS/Natural migration solution is an important addition to our DB-Shuttle automation technology suite of products. There is a high demand for ATERAS to provide an ADABAS solution - doing so will widen our product offering and customer base. Globally, ATERAS has had many successes with its other solutions (IDMS, IMS) that convert older applications and databases to new technologies," states Scott Miller, president and chief executive officer of ATERAS.


ATERAS has supported global enterprises for over 20 years, offering state of the art services to our clients by modernizing and migrating legacy systems to the most current IT environments. The patent-pending DB Shuttle(TM) automation technology provides everything from comprehensive assessments of existing IT environments to fully automated conversions. Migration of mission critical applications and databases can be either mainframe to mainframe or mainframe to distributed platforms utilizing the .NET Framework. ATERAS delivers these solutions by working through leading systems integrators and alliance partners in markets including: Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare, Government and Universities, both domestically and globally. For more information on ATERAS' solutions visit http://www.ateras.com/.

Contact: ATERAS
Anna Stamatelatos
Vice President Sales & Marketing

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