Midland Introduces Enhanced Fittings Package for Chlorine Applications

Sets the standard for the safe transportation, loading and unloading of Chlorine

Skokie, IL - Midland Manufacturing, the North American leader in railroad tank car transfer valves and equipment and a division of the OPW Fluid Transfer Group, is pleased to present its new Enhanced Fittings Package specifically designed for the chlorine transportation industry. Featuring corrosion-resistant materials proven to better withstand all of the operating environments typically found in the transportation of chlorine, Midland's valve package provides peace-of-mind safety while minimizing the number of potential leak paths and eliminating possible Non-Accidental Releases (NARs).

Based on over 60 years of expertise and manufactured using the latest design techniques, including FMEA analysis, 3D modeling, Root Cause Analysis and other Six Sigma processes, Midland's Enhanced Fittings Package incorporates the benefits of Midland's current valve offering while introducing enhanced sealing and safety features and capabilities. Designed with all of its primary seals located at, or below, the surface of the pressure plate, the Enhanced Fittings Package reduces the risk of product loss to the atmosphere in the event of catastrophic damage to the fittings. In addition, the Enhanced Fittings Package meets the requirements in proposed rulemaking from both the Federal Railway Administration (FRA) and Association of American Railroads (AAR) for improved packaging of Chlorine shipments.

The new Enhanced Fittings Package includes:

o A-14378-ML-VL Pressure Relief Valve - soft-seated valves ensure a more positive consistent seal; rupture disc embedded pressure plate

o 9100-CS Pressure Plate - approved in conjunction with a pressure relief valve design that retains liquid valve location on the longitudinal centerline of the railcar. Available in 18- and 20-inch designs for three or four angle valve configuration.

o A-180-ML-TG Check Valve - provides primary seal to atmosphere while a soft-seated design ensures positive shutoff; guided design of the seat retainer ensures the plug creates a positive seal every time

o A-718-S-HC Angle Valve - soft-seated valve for better sealing. Operates the same as current models and fits current capping kits and actuator systems.

For more information about Midland Manufacturing or any of its products for use in the railcar, cargo tank and ISO container industries, please visit www.midlandmfg.com.

Midland specializes in products used on pressure and general purpose rail tank cars, chemical cargo tanks and ISO containers for the safe handling of toxic materials, chemicals, and food products: bottom and top loading/unloading valves, pressure relief valves, level gauge devices, and monitoring equipment. Midland is part of the OPW Fluid Transfer Group, which specializes in the safe handling and transfer of hazardous liquids and dry-bulk commodities. For more information visit www.midlandmfg.com.

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Kevin Cook, Director, Global Rail Business Unit

Midland Manufacturing

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