Middleware Appliance is optimized for virtual environments.

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Combining WebLogic Server with LiquidVM(TM) Java Virtual Machine, WebLogic Server® Virtual Edition eliminates redundant and unused functionality in software stack, enabling applications to run directly on hypervisor. It facilitates agile reprovisioning of computer resources to meet requirements of dynamic SOA services and extreme transaction processing applications. Aimed at minimizing configuration, middleware appliance helps optimize hardware utilization.

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BEA Delivers WebLogic Server Virtual Edition, Industry's First Java Application Server Optimized for Virtualized Environments

Middleware Appliance Designed to Slash TCO and Deployment Complexity for Java Applications and to Enable Dynamic Reprovisioning of SOA Services; Garners Rapid Partner and Customer Adoption

Core News Facts

1. As the first Java application server packaged into a middleware appliance uniquely optimized for virtualized environments, WebLogic Server Virtual Edition represents a key step in the execution of BEA's virtualization strategy announced last December. The product serves as another example of how BEA is taking Java into new realms.

2. WebLogic Server Virtual Edition's streamlined stack can reduce hardware and operating costs and simplify application deployment. The product's enabling of on-the-fly resource reprovisioning is critical for today's highly dynamic SOA and XTP solutions.

3. Out of the gate, the product is receiving broad adoption by partners including CA, Quest, mValent and ClearApp, as well as customers like The First American Corporation to help them drive bottom-line business value.

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 23 /-- BEA Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:BEAS), a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software, today announced the general availability of WebLogic Server(R) Virtual Edition, the industry's first Java application server packaged into a middleware appliance optimized for virtualized environments. The product is designed to help reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and deployment complexity, and marks the first major milestone in execution of BEA's virtualization strategy and product roadmap announced in December 2006.

BEA WebLogic Server Virtual Edition combines the rock-solid strength of WebLogic Server with BEA's LiquidVM(TM), a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that can help Java applications run more efficiently on virtualized hardware. BEA's unique approach to virtualization is designed to eliminate redundant and unused functionality in the software stack, helping to enable applications to run directly on a hypervisor. This middleware appliance design, which is a lightweight software packaging aimed at minimizing configuration and maximizing flexibility can help achieve greater hardware utilization. The streamlined deployment afforded by this approach can help reduce operating costs and can help enable the agile reprovisioning of computer resources to meet the requirements of today's dynamic SOA services and extreme transaction processing (XTP) applications.

"WebLogic Server Virtual Edition redefines application infrastructure's role in the enterprise, solidifying its position as a cornerstone in the IT environments of tomorrow," said Guy Churchward, vice president of WebLogic Products at BEA. "BEA continues to push the envelope in innovation, taking Java into new realms with game-changing technology designed to help companies improve the way they do business and drive measurable, bottom-line business value."

Out of the gate, WebLogic Server Virtual Edition is receiving broad partner and customer adoption, motivated by both the technical and economic advantages the product is designed to provide. Partners including CA, Quest, mValent, ClearApp and CTC ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation are testing and planning to integrate the technology with their respective solutions to help support customers as they migrate to a virtualized IT environment.

"By managing and securing applications deployed on BEA WebLogic Virtual Edition, we are helping customers leverage the infrastructure technology they already have in place," said Jeff Cobb, VP of product strategy at CA Wily Technology. "Customers can gain the competitive advantage of both optimized application performance and higher resource utilization at a lower total cost of ownership."

"Our customers are incorporating virtualization into their IT strategy in order to realize significant resource and performance improvements," said Larry Humphries, vice president of product management at Quest Software. "We help these companies manage these environments and believe BEA WebLogic Server Virtual Edition can provide substantial benefits to customers."

"As a systems integration partner to BEA, we are extremely interested in WebLogic Server Virtual Edition," said Ken Gotoh, senior vice president at CTC, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation. "Our extensive evaluation of the beta confirmed that this new technology can be one of the most important elements supporting efficiency and flexibility of 'Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI)' in the execution environment of SOA which we are advocating."

In addition to partner adoption, customers have also recognized the value WebLogic Server Virtual Edition provides.

"We participated in the product's beta and are very pleased with the initial results," said Mark Vaughn, web hosting manager for The First American Corporation. "We view virtualization as a fundamental element of our IT strategy and look for technologies that improve our efficiency and help differentiate our company in this competitive market. WebLogic Server Virtual Edition is designed to allow us to consolidate our applications infrastructure even further and reduce time-to-market with new applications and services."

WebLogic Server Virtual Edition is designed to help enable businesses deploy, scale and manage software assets rapidly and at lower cost, which can lead to greater flexibility and adaptability. The product is a key component of BEA SOA 360, the industry's most unified SOA platform. BEA SOA 360 spans the three BEA product families -- BEA AquaLogic(TM), BEA WebLogic(R), and BEA Tuxedo(R) -- and is designed for business transformation and optimization in order to improve cost structures and grow new revenue streams.

BEA WebLogic Server Virtual Edition is available immediately. For more information, please visit www.bea.com.

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