Mid-Range Cartoners are offered with 9 or 12 in. centers.

Press Release Summary:

Meridian cartoners employ metric, multi-purpose design and are available in right and left hand configurations. Overall base frame does not exceed 16 ft in length for either center configuration. Featuring smooth rotary feed, cartoners reach speeds from 160-200 cpm and handle carton sizes from 4-8 or 11 x ½-6 x 4.5-12 in., depending on center size. Machines are available with 2, 3, or 4 chain adjustable carton transports with adjustable buckets.

Original Press Release:

R.A. Jones Claims High Ground in Mid-Priced, Large Center Cartoners with New Meridian Line of Flexible, Cost-Effective, Reliable Performers

February, 2004 - R.A. Jones & Co. Inc. offers packagers a higher standard in mid-priced, large center cartoners with its new Meridian line. Created for global markets, the metric-design Meridian cartoners provide flexible, cost-effective cartoning solutions with absolutely no compromises in Jones field-proven quality, reliability, performance and after-market service, said Mark Logan, R.A. Jones Vice President of Sales.

The name Meridian, meaning high point of the middle, exactly defines where the new cartoner line will be positioned in the marketplace, he explained. "Our goal is to grow our business significantly in existing and new market segments in many regions of the world," Logan said. "The development of Meridian gives us a platform that will serve the most diverse group of customers of any machine we now have, and complement our expanding sales and support channels through the Americas and Europe."

Great attention was given to affordability and value during Meridian development, he stressed. "The mid-tier price of Meridian makes our machines accessible to a much broader customer base and will have universal appeal to both large and small potential customers in the food and consumer products segments."

The Meridian multi-purpose design was based on customer feedback and benchmarking against Jones competitors, Logan said. The development team worked with strategic partners comprised of customers from leading companies in electronics, food and consumer products. The strategic partners assisted the team in finalizing design and technical requirements.

Meeting trends toward shorter product life cycles and accelerated product development, the Meridian large center cartoners offer optimal flexibility. Meridian cartoners are available with either 9" or 12" centers, both right hand and left hand configuration, with convenient small footprints. The overall base frame is no longer than 16' in both the 9" and 12" center configuration.

Featuring a smooth and efficient rotary carton feed, Meridian cartoners can reach speeds of 200 cpm with a 9" center and 160 cpm with a 12" center. Carton sizes range from 4" to 8" long, 1/2" to 6" wide and 4.5" (3 chains) to 12" deep with the 9" center machine, and 4" to 11" long, 1/2" to 6" wide and 4.5" to 12" deep with the 12" center model.

Available in 2, 3 or 4 chain adjustable carton transports with standard adjustable buckets, the Meridian can easily be reconfigured to meet today's demanding flexibility requirements.
The cartoners accommodate all existing Jones transfers with virtually no reengineering. They can be fitted with all standard options with little engineering impact.

Jones has long recognized that changeover speed and ease are critical to high productivity and machine flexibility, noted Logan. "The Meridian follows the Jones '4T' philosophy with regard to changeovers," he said. "The machines can be changed over with minimal Tools, Time, Talent and Tweaking."

Standard Meridian features include Allen Bradley ControlLogix controls and Ultra 2000 drives, Panelview 700 Plus color touch-screen HMI, servo-driven flap closers, a Nordson Pro-Blue 7 hot melt glue system, and straight-in bucket conveyor including guide buckets.

Stainless steel construction is standard on Meridian machines. Debris falls through to the floor with minimal catch points, simplifying machine sanitation. A safe, cleanable walk-in guarding system eases access and removal.

Options include automatic transfers, code date, tuck closing, open flap inspect and reject, a loader reject conveyor, both color and pendant mount HMI, NEMA 4 electrics, CE mark capability and Siemens controls.

Metric design and a standard electrical platform provide cost-effective application in U.S., European and other world markets.

Customers can easily standardize on Jones cartoners across a range of speeds and price levels, consolidating parts and after market service support while eliminating the complexity of dealing with multiple suppliers, noted Logan. In addition, global customers can outfit plants in multiple countries with identical Jones cartoners.

All Meridian machines are shipped in half the time as earlier generation products and are covered with a standard one-year warranty.

For more information on Meridian cartoners, contact: R.A. Jones & Co. Inc., P.O. Box 485, Cincinnati OH 45201 USA. Phone: (859) 341-0400. Fax: (859) 341-0519. Internet: www.rajones.com.

R. A. Jones & Co. Inc., is a subsidiary of IWKA, a leading worldwide provider of high performance packaging equipment and services. With almost 100 years of experience designing and manufacturing packaging machinery, Jones also offers the most comprehensive range of value-added engineering and total packaging line services available in the industry, resulting in maximum packaging productivity for it customers.

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