Microwave Transistor provides over 90 W of saturated power.

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Consisting of pair of GaN HEMT transistors in Gemini ceramic-metal package, CGH40090PP microwave transistor suits general-purpose military and industrial applications such as electronic warfare, radar, tactical radios, and EMC applications. It can operate over 500-2,500 MHz frequency range, and can be used in either push-pull or balanced amplifier designs.

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Cree Announces Sample Release of 90 W GaN HEMT with Record Wideband Amplifier Efficiency

DURHAM, N.C. JUNE 11, 2008 - Cree, Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) announces the sample release of a 90W, highly efficient GaN HEMT microwave transistor for general-purpose military and industrial applications such as electronic warfare, radar, tactical radios and EMC applications. This transistor provides superior performance over wide bandwidths compared to other technologies such as GaAs MESFET or Si LDMOSFET.

The new transistor, CGH40090PP, consists of a pair of GaN HEMT transistors providing over 90 watts of saturated power in a small, industry-standard Gemini ceramic-metal package. The exceptional performance of the transistor has been demonstrated in a balanced 500-MHz to 2500-MHz instantaneous bandwidth reference amplifier that offers 14 dB typical small-signal gain, 90 watts typical CW output power, and typical drain efficiencies of 55% over the entire band. This amplifier provides the best-known efficiency in the industry for any 5:1 bandwidth amplifier over this frequency range and power level.

"The CGH40090PP is an important addition to our general-purpose GaN HEMT product family that can be used in either push-pull or balanced amplifier designs. We are especially pleased that the reference design amplifier demonstrates state-of-the-art efficiency over such a wide frequency range. It is another example of how Cree's GaN HEMT products can enable highly efficient systems for our customers - the more efficient the amplifier, the less heat generated. This can positively impact system thermal design, cooling costs, size and weight, and DC power distribution," said Jim Milligan, director of RF and microwave products at Cree.

The CGH40090PP complements the range of Cree's broadband GaN HEMT general-purpose microwave transistors now available at power levels of 10W, 25W, 35W, 45W and 90W.

Please call (919) 287-7816 or visit the Cree website at www.cree.com for more information about Cree's GaN HEMT devices. Data sheets and sample ordering are also available: www.cree.com/products/wireless_products.asp

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