Microwave PLL comes with integrated jitter of less than 47 fs.

Press Release Summary:

LMX2594 Microwave PLL comes with VCO which generate frequencies from 10 MHz up to 15 GHz. Unit offers phase synchronization, ramp generation and noise floor of -236 dBc/Hz and 1/f of -129 dBc/Hz. Product is capable of synchronizing phases between multiple devices at high frequency and suitable for MIMO and RADAR applications. LMX2594 enables generation of gigahertz frequency sampling and JESD204B SYSREF timing signals.

Original Press Release:

TI's New 15 GHz Wideband PLL Simplifies Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Designs

Spend less time on your RF PLL design making time available to address other system challenges!

The LMX2594 is an industry's first wideband PLL with integrated VCO to generate frequencies from 10 MHz up to 15 GHz without using an internal frequency doubler. On top of industry leading performance, the LMX2594 brings unique features like JESD204B SYSREF support, phase synchronization and ramp generation to make high performance microwave and millimeter-wave system design simpler

Ability to synchronize phase between multiple devices, at high frequency is key for several MIMO and RADAR applications. TIDA-01410 demonstrates how to do this with two instances of LMX2594.

Integrated jitter of < 47 fs @ 8 GHz output , low far-off noise better than -156 dBc/Hz and the ability to generate any output frequency up to 15 GHz, makes this an ideal clocking device for getting the best SNR from RF Sampling data converters.

Features and benefits:

  • Best noise performance: The LMX2594 features the industry's lowest normalized PLL noise floor of -236 dBc/Hz and 1/f of -129 dBc/Hz, enabling designers to improve radio sensitivity and spectral resolution.
  • Design simplicity: The integrated VCO operates at up to 15 GHz, eliminating the need for expensive, complex on-board filters for removing subharmonics. Integrated ramp generation and LDOs further simplify design, eliminating up to five devices typically required to perform this function for radar applications and enabling compact form-factor solutions.
  • Phase synchronization: System designers can easily synchronize the output of all on-board PLLs, saving design time for multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO), beamforming and other applications.
  • JESD204B support: The LMX2594 enables simultaneous generation of gigahertz frequency sampling and JESD204B SYSREF timing signals.

Datasheet: http://www.ti.com/product/LMX2594/datasheet?HQS=asc-hsdc-cts-lmx2594-exah-ds-null-eu&DCM=yes

Evaulation module: http://www.ti.com/tool/lmx2594evm?HQS=asc-hsdc-cts-lmx2594-exah-evm-null-eu&DCM=yes

Order Online: http://www.ti.com/product/LMX2594/samplebuy?HQS=asc-hsdc-cts-lmx2594-exah-sa-null-eu&DCM=yes

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