Microwave Fixed Attenuators come in two designer's kits.

Press Release Summary:

Housed in miniature hermetic casing with 1.1 mm profile, RCAT Series offers wide bandwidth from DC to 20 GHz, flatness of attenuation, and power handling of 2 W. To help designers test and evaluate performance of systems, 12-piece K1-RCAT+ includes 2 each of 6 models with attenuation levels from 0–20 dB, while 30-piece K2-RCAT+ includes 2 each of 15 models with attenuation levels from 0–30 dB. 

Original Press Release:

NEW DESIGNER'S KITS for RCAT-Series Microwave Precision Fixed Attenuators

Mini-Circuits® is now offering two designer’s kits at great values to customers interested in our newly-released RCAT Series ceramic microwave precision fixed attenuators.  Each kit offers an economical package with a selection of RCAT models at a range of attenuation levels.

Kit 1, K1-RCAT+ includes 6 popular models selected from the range of available attenuation levels from 0-20dB.  2 of each model are included, a total of twelve parts in the kit for only $59.95!

Kit 2,K2-RCAT+includes all 15 models from the series at all available attenuation levels from 0-30dB.  2 of each model are included, 30 parts in total, for only $149.95!

The RCAT Series is an excellent choice for its Hi Rel, miniature, hermetic casing, wide bandwidth (DC to 20GHz), excellent flatness of attenuation, high power handling (2W), and low profile (1.1mm).  These designer’s kits are sure to offer added value and utility to designers testing and evaluating the performance of their systems.  See K1-RCAT+ and K2-RCAT+ data sheets for specifications of models included in each kit.

For information about K1-RCAT+ and K2-RCAT+ designers kits and more outstanding Mini-Circuits® products, browse our new product releases page.

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