Microstepping Motors/Drivers suit high-torque applications.

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RBK series 2-phase microstepping driver and motor packages include round shaft versions of PK-P motors with 1.10, 1.38, and 1.65 in.² frame sizes as well as Planetary Geared motors with 1.65 and 2.36 in.² frame sizes. Standard encoder motors have been added to 1.38, 1.65, 2.22, and 3.35 in.² round shaft motor frame sizes, and encoders are available with 200/400 lines and 2/3 channels. Bipolar, 20-75 Vdc input microstep driver uses Smooth Drive function and third harmonic waveform correction.

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New Motor Models Added to High Torque Microstepping Motor and Driver Package

Encoder and geared motor models added to RBK lineup

Torrance, CA - April 10, 2009 - ORIENTAL MOTOR USA CORP. announces the expansion of the RBK series of 2-phase microstepping driver and motor packages. Three new round shaft versions of our PK-P high torque motors with frame sizes of 1.10 in sq., 1.38 in sq., and 1.65 in sq. have been added to the product lineup. Planetary Geared motors with frame sizes of 1.65 in sq. and 2.36 in sq. have also been added. Standard encoder motor models have been added to the 1.38 in sq., 1.65 in sq., 2.22 in sq. and 3.35 in sq. round shaft motor frame sizes. The encoder models are available with 200 or 400 lines and 2 or 3 channels.

The high performance RBK series offers customers a wide range of models to choose from, ease of use and guaranteed performance all from one company with the shortest standard product lead times in the industry. The high current, bipolar, 20 to 75 VDC input microstep driver provides a high torque level throughout the entire speed range uses Oriental Motor's Smooth Drive function and 3rd harmonic waveform correction to deliver low vibration.

The new PL planetary gearboxes available on the 1.65 in-sq. and 2.36 in-sq. frame size motors feature torque outputs up 70 lb-in with low backlash and a centered output shaft. 5:1, 10:1 and 36:1 gear ratios allow for high torque while maintaining a high rpm level.

Oriental Motor is a world leader in the manufacturing of sub-fractional horsepower AC induction and reversible motors, 2 and 5-phase stepping motor, driver and controller systems, AC and DC speed control motor systems, electric linear and rotary actuators, and cooling fans. More than 1500 of our over 10,000 standard products are available for same day delivery to our users in many diverse industries.

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